Twenty-four hours in New York City

A view downtown of New York City.
A woman walking over a crossroads.

DUMBO House member Skylar Kearney and her boyfriend Temi Ibisanmi spend a warm weekend in New York City, wandering around Chelsea and Greenwich Village, before enjoying an afternoon by the pool

Skylar and Temi stayed in room 22 at Soho House New York

A woman sitting on an armchair.
A bedroom.
Two croissants and two ice coffees on a table.
A woman walking over a crossroads.
Looking up at a brick building and a blue sky.
Above, clockwise from top left: inside our room at Soho House New York; houses on Greenwich Street in Chelsea; heading out for a neighbourhood stroll; iced coffee and croissants in Greenwich Village

‘We get lost in Chelsea, exploring the brownstones soaking in the sunlight’

Creative strategist and content creator Skylar Kearney enjoys a summer weekend in the city with her boyfriend Temi Ibisanmi. Travel with them as they stroll through Chelsea and Greenwich Village, sketch portraits with New York-based artist Pat Vale, and spend an afternoon on the Soho House New York rooftop.

9am: welcome home 
Early bird gets the worm, and all that jazz. We had planned to drop our bags and hurry out to a warm morning in Greenwich Village, but when we arrived, we had to take a second to appreciate how comfy and inviting our room was. 

10am: carried away
We get lost in Chelsea, exploring the brownstones soaking in the sunlight. We walk to Greenwich Village and devour a croissant and coffee from a corner coffee shop. 

A rooftop swimming pool and lounging area.
A woman sunbathing on a lounger.

‘Time slips away under the sun. We spent hours taking it all in and cooling off in the pool’

A cocktail being poured.
A cocktail on a wooden table.
Top: enjoying the sun on the Soho House New York rooftop 
Above: an Eastern Standard and Negroni from our cocktail class

12pm: a taste of home

We lazily drift back to the House, only to be immediately woken up by a Picante masterclass. We watch in real time as the flavours of some of Soho House New York’s best drinks on the menu come to life. From the Picante De La Casa to the Eastern Standard, each cocktail has a rhythm to its creation.

12.30pm: drinking down the sun

A little buzzed, we find our way to a day bed by the pool. We order one of the drinks from the masterclass, having a new appreciation of the intention behind each ingredient. Time slips away under the sun. We spent hours taking it all in and cooling off in the pool. 

4pm: do not disturb

To reach peak levels of tranquility, we quickly shower and arrive on the third floor in time for a Cowshed massage. Nothing matches a full-body massage after weeks of work. We let the natural botanicals and soft hands of the masseuse work their magic.

A bathroom with bathtub.
A woman getting ready.
Above: getting ready for the evening; the freestanding tub in our bedroom

8pm: company

Over drinks and inspiring conversation (lots of it), we sketch portraits of each other with the artist Pat Vale as our guide. We don’t come close to his artistry, but have one hell of a time regardless.

10pm: a good night

As the sun begins to kiss the skyline, we make it to the rooftop and enjoy a dinner meant to be dreamed about. There’s nothing quite like a New York summer night.

A person pointing at a sketch.
A woman sitting in a roof terrace with a view of a city.
A roof terrace.
Top: a drawing class with artist Pat Vale 
Above: taking in the evening view from the rooftop

11pm: after dark 

Bellies full, we retreat to our room for the night, glad to be back in its warm embrace. We run a bubble bath, put some tea on, and soak away any worries.

9.30am: morning matters

It takes a while for us to be pulled from bed, and about the only thing that can get us out of it is breakfast. We start the morning with tea, and end it with coffee and a breakfast spread that pictures don’t do justice to. A perfect end to a perfect 24 hours.

11am: good goodbye 

Sadly, once 11 rolls around, it’s time for us to depart, but we know we’ll be back again very soon. You can only go so long before needing another little escape.

Blurred out lights at night.
A woman in a bath.
A hand holding a cup in a bed.
Room service on an unmade bed.
Above, clockwise from top left: lights on the rooftop; unwinding in the tub; morning in our bedroom; breakfast in bed

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