Twenty-four hours in Mykonos

A man walking down some steps outside a white building.
A woman swimming in clear blue sea.

Content creator and account director, India Sehmi, jets to Mykonos for a relaxing stay at Soho Roc House with her boyfriend James

India and James stayed in room 17 at Soho Roc House

A rocky coastline at sunset.
An island harbour.
Steps down into a swimming pool.
A woman in a bikini looking at her phone.
A bed with a mosquito net over it.

Above, clockwise from top left: looking out to the Aegean Sea; fishing boats on the water; inside room 17; getting ready for a dip; the pool at Soho Roc House

‘The weight of normal life lifts in favour of this slower pace’

Travel to Mykonos with London member India Sehmi and her boyfriend James as they spend a weekend soaking up the sun and swimming in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.

3.45pm: landing

It’s hard to believe we’re really here, but gusts of the Mykonian breeze as we step off the plane confirm it’s real. A masked – but clearly smiling – face greets us within minutes of landing. His Soho Roc House sign is a welcome sight.

4pm: arrive at the House

We are met with white walls and the hot sun blaring down. Pool, sea and sky melt into one. Get me into a bikini now.

4.10pm: check in

We arrive at room 17, our home for the week. An ice-cold bottle of Lady A awaits, complete with a note to welcome us to the House. The weight of normal life lifts in favour of this slower pace.

A man sitting on a sun lounger overlooking the sea.
Two sun loungers with towels and a bag on them.
A bag and a towel on a jetty by the sea.
A woman wearing light summer wear.

Above, clockwise from top left: late afternoon cocktails by the sea; soaking up the sun; my pre-swim look; the jetty at Soho Roc House

‘Insects hum, the bass thumps and grasses blow in the wind’

5pm: cocktail hour

Khruangbin plays overhead as I sink into the sunlounger – the warmth of the sun on my skin, spicy Margarita in hand.

6.30pm: Scorpios

We stroll over to Scorpios and soak up the golden evening sun as it dances on the water. Insects hum, the bass thumps and grasses blow in the wind.

7.30pm: evening swim

I spot the empty jetty back at Roc House and insist on a sunset swim. Grabbing the signature striped towels, we run down the rocky path. The sky is a vast expanse of pastels. We slip into the water, which is bracing at first but feels so good.

A person diving into the sea from a diving platform.
A bowl of tomato salad.

‘The sky is a vast expanse of pastels. We slip into the water, which is bracing at first but feels so good’

Light falling on a white exterior wall and window.
The legs of a woman and a man in a rocky alcove by the sea.

Above, clockwise from top left: diving in; highlights from our lunch spread; sunset from the jetty; outside our room at Soho Roc House

8.15pm: back at the room

I cut the juiciest of nectarines and eat it in the shower as I wash off the salt and sand. I put on my Soho House robe and climb into the canopied bed, engulfed by the weighty duvet and seven fluffy pillows. Lianne La Havas on the Roberts Radio sets the mood.

9pm: dinner

We walk no more than 100 metres to dinner and notice the moon – red, full and rising – on the horizon. It continues to rise and illuminates the sea like a floodlight as it turns to white.

9am: good morning

The sun peeks into our room, and through a gap in the curtains the deep blue of the Aegean Sea calls. Up before most, I enjoy the serenity of the grounds and gardens, feeling a little smug in rising early.

10.45am: breakfast

Any cobwebs have been cleared by a morning dip. The clarity of the crystal water is almost unbelievable. We’ve chosen our spot for the day and croissants are en route.

12pm: massage

I nip off for a massage. Transported by the aromas of citrus fruits, I drift into a blissful slumber.

1pm: lunch and goodbye

Before checkout, we order the lemon and feta spaghetti to share. Nothing signifies a holiday more than eating pasta in a bikini. We fight for the last saffron-yellow bite.

A fork lifting up spaghetti from a black plate.
A wooden dining table by the sea.

Above: lemon and feta spaghetti for lunch; our favourite table, overlooking the water


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