A Sunday brunch party playlist from DLT

People dancing to a DJ with DLT written in neon light behind the booth.

The London-based members behind one of the city’s biggest day-party series curate a soundtrack for an at-home weekend party

Since the summer of 2016, five friends have been bringing the party to brunches all around London. Inspired by the day parties they’d enjoyed while living in New York City, the group brought the experience across the Atlantic and founded Days Like This Brunch – a series of electric events in London, including at Shoreditch House. For cofounders Anthony Iban, Michael Amusan and Aura, who oversees the music programming, the party doesn’t have to stop just because it has to be at home. So, the London members have curated a playlist of tracks to ensure good times can still be had.

‘The inspiration behind the playlist is to offer an escape and remind people of fonder times,’ says Aura ‘As this pandemic is a shared experience, we want to encourage people to find ways to be kind to themselves in the form of a DLT Happy Hour vibe. Trying to replicate DLT in its truest forms, we have vocals from our host, Tinyman, and a song from the talented Juls, who has DJed at DLT.’
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