Looking to the future, lens first

A woman with her hands out towards the camera.

Photography duo and Little House Mayfair members, Scandebergs, create a cinematic photo essay for Soho House 

By Corinna Burford   Images by Scandebergs   Wednesday 24 June, 2020 

Members Stefano Colombini and Alberto Albanese, collectively known as Scandebergs, are celebrated for their vibrant aesthetic sensibility. With a background in creative direction (Colombini) and fine art and photography (Albanese), it’s easy to see how the duo landed on such a cinematic signature. Their work has been featured in Vogue and Time, and seen in projects for brands including Prada, Versace and Fendi.   

For our June issue, Colombini and Albanese explore the notion of future gazing with the complex mix of emotions that entails – uncertainty, wanderlust and hope. They also compile a collection of their favourite personal, fashion and editorial photographs for Soho House.  

‘We tried to depict this feeling of anticipation and trepidation related to what the future is going to bring us, as well as a sense of lucid dreaming related to this very surreal present moment,’ says Colombini.

A purple neon sign on the side of a building.
A blonde woman with a blue light on her.
A neon sign with Good written on it.
A neon sign with Luck written on it.
A barren hilly landscape at dusk.
A man in silhouette by the sea.
The silhouette of a cactus at sunset.
The silhouettes of three palm trees with a red sky behind them.
The shape of a man through glass.
A naked man swimming underwater in a clear blue swimming pool.
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