Misan Harriman captures London’s stand against racism

A woman with a child on her shoulders in the middles of a large gathering of people.

The London-member, photographer and founder of What We Seee shares ten images from two weeks of Black Lives Matter protests in London

As told to Jess Kelham-Hohler   All images by Misan Harriman   Tuesday 9 June, 2020   Long read

After seeing the global outcry in response to the murder of George Floyd, London member and photographer, Misan Harriman, knew that he had to capture the reaction in the UK. The founder of What We Seee – a curated platform for enriching film, music, poetry and art, with an audience of two billion per year – Harriman was also keen to use the site to showcase his photography of the Black Lives Matter protests. In doing so, he helps his audience understand the fear, anger and defiance of everyone involved. Here, Harriman shares his experience of the protests, along with his selection of images from both weekends of demonstrations. 

‘Capturing this moment is my duty. I believe my pictures will last longer than my (hopefully) long life. I want my children and my children’s children to remember a very unique time in our history. I am empowered to be out there. As I went to more and more marches, I realised it’s even more important than I initially thought to make sure I capture these raw and honest moments. You don’t get these opportunities as a photographer very often and certainly not at this scale. So, I had to be there, there was no question.

‘There’s never been a display of solidarity with regards to racism within the civil rights movement in the UK like I witnessed at the marches. It’s a combination of where we are in 2020, the amount of information and ability to scale afforded by the internet, and the absolute sense of helplessness felt by so many normal people. The only thing they could d