LA-based tattoo artist Manuela Soto on embracing self-love

woman in studio

We visited the acclaimed artist at her Downtown LA studio to talk her work, creative process and tattoo philosophy

Video by 7a Films   Monday 2 March, 2020

Much of the work tattoo artist Manuela Soto does for her clients is self-portraits: highly-stylised representations of her subjects that realise both how they see themselves and wish to be seen by others. ‘It feels good to know who you are and to see it visually. It makes you feel a little more at peace,’ she says.
Soto co-owns Sang Bleu tattoo studio in Downtown Los Angeles: a sprawling, open space that bypasses the often overtly masculine posturing of the stereotypical tattoo shop. Her work extends beyond just the studio, however: Soto has also done the artwork for Billie Eilish’s single, 'When The Party's Over' and collaborated on clothing with digital influencer Lil Miquela. 
Watch the video to hear more about Manuela Soto’s work, creative process and tattoo philosophy.
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