360° Me: Ludovico and Lucrezia Bonaccorsi

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Siblings Ludovico and Lucrezia Bonaccorsi’s LùBar is a Milanese hotspot that celebrates their family’s Sicilian heritage. Together, they share their favourite things

By Olivia Lidbury   Thursday 13 February, 2020

In 2017, sibling duo and Milan members Ludovico and Lucrezia Bonaccorsi opened the doors to LùBar, a Sicilian restaurant that quickly became Milan's buzziest spot, tempting the city's artistic locals and visitors alike with it's family heritage-inspired decor and locally-sourced dishes. Here, the brother and sister share what keeps them inspired. 

1. The book
Ludo: ‘When we opened LùBar a friend gifted me The Art Of The Restaurateur by Nicholas Lander. It allowed me to benefit from the mistakes and successes of one of the industry’s most successful insiders – his personal adventure with L’Escargot in 1980s London really resonated with me. The book has become my bible.’

2. The tune
Ludo: ‘Kids in Italy generally get through their adolescence listening to the songs of Lucio Battisti; one of Italy’s most well-known singer- songwriters, he’s a real poet. His track ‘Il Veliero’ reminds me of the ebb and flow of a perfect afternoon driving through Sicily’s rolling hills.’
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3. The look
Lucre: ‘When I was younger, there were days when I left the house in my pyjamas. Now, my look has evolved; part-Tyrolean, part-Highlander. I don’t wear heels, except for special occasions when I wear them with pieces from my mum’s label, Luisa Beccaria. My favourite is a green lace dress with long sleeves and a high neck.’

4. The film
Ludo: ‘Travolti Da Un Insolito Destino Nell’azzurro Mare D’agosto is a legendary Italian comedy, where a sophisticated lady gets stranded on a desert island with a charismatic sailor and, against the odds, they become lovers. It’s very funny and always makes me want to travel. Guy Ritchie remade it with Madonna [Swept Away], but nothing compares to the original.’

5. The artwork
Ludo: ‘La Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte – a 17th-century, 142-step stone staircase decorated with local painted tiles – in Sicily’s Caltagirone is a great work of art to me. Every step is unique, made by a different artist. It reflects the singularity of the island. I have many fond childhood memories associated with it.’
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6. The hero
Lucre: ‘Our grandmother, Anna, is a force of nature. She’s a cultured and highly educated woman who speaks three languages, even though she’s lived in Milan her entire life. Now in her nineties, she observes everything that’s going on.’

7. The destination
Ludo: ‘I’ve been going to Patmos, the Dodecanese Islands in Greece, since I was born. I know the place inside out. It’s not easy to get to, but it’s always worth it. I adore the way life flows there while time stands still.’

8. The routine
Lucre: ‘I’m neither disciplined nor organised by nature, so routine and I are not natural bedfellows. I always catch flights at the last moment and change my plans constantly. I do like to wake early and, when I can, I go to my parents’ for lunch, before I head to the restaurant.’
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a  martini in cut crystal glass
9. The interior/exterior
Lucre: ‘Our parents have been restoring the family home in Sicily for a long time and I think my passion for period, rather than newly built spaces, stems from that. The house reflects all our personalities, but its natural surroundings are the most important element – we’ve never wanted to upstage that beauty.’
10. The night spot
Ludo: ‘I love cooking for friends at our house in Castelluccio, using local ingredients. Some of my most memorable nights have involved us singing and dancing until the early hours. Nothing beats warm, Sicilian summer nights.’

11. The detox/retox
Ludo: ‘I enjoy escaping from the city, finding special classic Italian trattorie to eat at, and going for long walks. My absolute favourite retox is a well-made dirty martini with three olives. Detox in the day, retox in the evening.’

Final two images courtesy of Matt Hranek (left) and Jamie Lau (right)
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