Cowshed launches supercharged skincare

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Boost your home beauty routine with Cowshed’s new Rejuvenate range

By Phoebe Frangoul   Friday 28 February, 2020

Mushrooms, malachite, copper and moss – these are just some of the innovative ingredients sourced by the Cowshed team to supercharge its new Rejuvenate skincare range, which launches this week.

The new day and night creams feature big hitters like retinol, as well as hyaluronic acid, the ‘moisture molecule’ which plumps, soothes and hydrates skin so it feels like it’s been bathed in water. The cleansing balm, which comes with a muslin cloth, is a silky, balm-to-oil product that turns the tedious task of washing your face into a spa-like ritual. A comforting blend of plant oils such as linseed, evening primrose, lavender and geranium will melt away grime and makeup before sinking into the skin, leaving it nourished and lightly scented. All three of these new products are designed to protect against the damaging effects of pollution, and nudge sluggish cells into making more collagen and elastin, leaving skin firmer, brighter and healthier.
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‘They don’t do the job for your skin; they just help it do its job better. As we age, our cells get lazier – in other words, they don’t renew as rapidly,’ says Cowshed’s head of product development, Oliya Kalashnikova. ‘They also experience more oxidative stress, increasing the amount of energy needed for internal defences. A well-working energy metabolism is essential for skin cells’ vitality.’

You’ll find the new Rejuvenate products used in Cowshed spa treatments, as well as on sale to take with you to boost your home routine.

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Images by by Thea Løvstad