My Creative Space: Shawn Everett

man in studio

We visited music engineer and producer Shawn Everett in his studio to witness first-hand how he has made it into its own dynamic instrument

Video by 7A Films

‘The people that are working in music successfully are the people that are experimenting, trying to push the boundaries,’ says Shawn Everett. 

He certainly fits the bill, repurposing technologies both old and new in his work as a five-time Grammy Award-winning music engineer and producer. Collaborating with the likes of the Alabama Shakes, Julian Casablancas, Perfume Genius and more, Everett has been called ‘Indie rock’s go-to sound engineer’ by Pitchfork, and works out of his home studio – located directly next door to Soho Warehouse. There, he has amassed a wonderland of antique and futuristic equipment, explaining that ‘quite often the studio is thought of as a nerdy, technical environment...but if you think of it that way, you might be selling yourself short.’

To see what he means, we visited Everett’s creative space to witness first-hand how he has made the studio into its own dynamic instrument.
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