10 member-founded wellbeing brands to know in 2020

A young girl smiling on a sunny day.

From vitamin elixirs to holistic healthcare, these are the brands we’re incorporating into our wellbeing rituals this year

By Charlotte Steinway   Wednesday 22 January 2020

As part of our January theme of ‘Self(-ish),’ we’re focusing on the rituals that make us happy and whole. Here, we round up 10 new self-care brands founded by Soho House members around the world, asking each founder what ‘self-care’ means to them. 
Woman smiling holding up a small bottle of serum
1. Feals (@fealscbd

Founded by: Drew Todd, Soho House West Hollywood member 
Year founded: 2019
Your brand in one sentence: ‘Feals is a modern-day wellness brand that provides a better way to feel better.’
What’s your brand’s USP (Unique Selling Point)? ‘Instead of hitting you over the head with preachy jargon, we want to make CBD as easy to understand as possible. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to CBD, it takes some trial and error to figure what dose is right for you. If you need a little extra guidance, we offer support via text message and a CBD hotline.’
What does self-care mean to you? ‘I think the phrase self-care has become overused in our culture,’ says Todd. ‘As a result, people tend to wrongly conflate self-care with self-indulgence or elitism. Ie., “You deserve this.” For me, self-care is about finding pleasure in doing something—or nothing at all. It's about investing in the things that make me feel whole rather than constantly focusing on self-improvement. Whether it’s making it to that early morning workout or turning my phone off and enjoying the beach on a Saturday, I’m looking for things that fill my cup and help me feel recharged both physically and emotionally.’ 
A couple sitting in front of gold background holding skincare products
2. Buttah (@Buttahskin)

Founded by: Dorion Renaud, Soho Warehouse member
Year founded: 2018
Your brand in one sentence: ‘Top-grade skincare for melanin-enriched skin.’
What’s your brand’s USP? ‘To give African Americans and other minorities quality skincare and provide inclusion in the world of beauty and self care, a space where people of color are often overlooked.’
What does self-care mean to you? ‘Self-care means everything,’ says Renaud. ‘Without taking care of our minds, bodies and souls our personal lives and businesses can't thrive. We have to recharge ourselves fully in whatever way that is. I’ve learned through creating a brand that represents self-care, that everything you put out into the world is merely a reflection of what we fill ourselves up with everyday. Let’s have a full cup in 2020!’