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In celebration of UK Black History Month, we’re partnering with Reggie Yates’ Pass The Mic initiative to provide a platform for emerging Black creatives

By Charlotte Steinway    Above image by Israel Peters   Thursday 1 October, 2020   Short read

Writer, director and broadcaster, Reggie Yates, launched Pass The Mic this year in an effort to reach more young people and support those wanting to get into the creative industries. For many young creatives, opportunities to break into the media and entertainment industry never present themselves – they are up against it from the start. Not lacking in creativity, enthusiasm or ingenuity, these talented individuals have yet to experience the infrastructural leg-up they need to get their opportunity.

Pass The Mic is a youth initiative that aims to provide the education, network, resources and support needed to buck this trend.

Soho House has long sought to support the next generation of creatives, and so throughout the month of October we will ‘pass the mic’ to industry experts to share their insights and knowledge. The aim is to amplify conversations, share ambitious ideas and experiences, and provide a platform for individuals who have been overlooked for opportunities in the past.

‘This partnership is huge, as creativity is such a major part of what makes Soho House both unique and inclusive,’ says Yates. ‘Our ambition is to empower new voices and give them a platform to be heard. Partnering with Soho House means fresh voices and perspectives will have the attention of not just their peers, but potentially future collaborators as well.’

For Yates, finding professional inspiration or guidance when he’s needed it most is what’s got him to where he is today. ‘Writer/ director Richard Curtis has been incredibly helpful in sharing one of his writing spaces, allowing me to escape the city and focus on the craft without distraction,’ says Yates. ‘As a result, my first feature film and countless other projects have been created or improved at the desk he’s shared with me. This paying it forward to new talent and fresh voices is what I hope to bring to Pass The Mic.’

Call for submissions

In honour of UK Black History Month, Soho House invites members and non-member friends and family to create a piece of work around a Black icon who’s inspired them, been at the forefront of positive change, and is leading conversations that are educating us into the future.

Open to all, the Pass The Mic x Soho House initiative winner will receive an exclusive interview and photo shoot for Soho House’s digital editorial magazine, House Notes, plus a one-to-one session with a Soho house member/ expert, tailored to your industry. 

How it works 
Create a piece using the above brief that celebrates creativity and allows you to acknowledge someone you admire, whether it be past or present. Outside-the-box submissions welcome and encouraged. All submissions can be sent to, using the subject line ‘Pass The Mic x Soho House submission’, by 27 October 2020. 

Follow @sohohouse and @passthemic to stay tuned for updates.

Please note, photoshoot with Soho House will be available to UK residents only 
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