Designer Cindy Greene's top five interiors pieces

Woman in glasses sat cross legged on a yellow  armchair with a grand piano in the background

The Soho Works member and interior designer shares the five pieces that have transformed her living space

Cindy Greene is a New York and Los Angeles-based interior and wallpaper/ product designer. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, her sensibility is grounded in the histories of art, photography, fashion, and graphic design. Greene’s aesthetic combines the best of luxury, flea market finds, and a refined mixture of historical and contemporary influences. Some of her past and current clients include Supreme, Bon Appétit, and Marie Claire. Previously, she was the cofounder of cult fashion label Libertine, and in the spring of 2021 she is gearing up to launch her debut wallpaper line, Meraki, a playful collection that draws from mythology, literature, and graphic traditions.

Below, Greene tells us about the five pieces that have transformed her home.

Pair of Milo Baughman chairs in the original gold fabric
‘I am not alone in my admiration of the great designer Milo Baughman, and this pair of chairs has proven to be a crowd pleaser among visitors. I was looking for something to complement both the sofa and rug and create a little contrast against the Spanish Revival bones of the house. They were found in their original upholstery in mint condition.’

My new Absolem wallpaper and a ceramic vessel by Brent Bennett
‘Brent Bennett’s work has inspired me for years. Although I typically shy away from mid-century modern, I find many of Bennett’s designs transcend the period. This gorgeous vessel was snatched up from a private sale at his studio, along with a group of equally divine planters.’

Brass wastepaper basket from my new collection
‘An often overlooked but vital accessory for almost any room: the wastepaper basket. My passion for them runs deep and this piece is no exception. With its filigree frame and embossed top and bottom, this treasure has a classic Middle Eastern feel. It’s a design that I plan to reproduce in 2021 in a small capsule collection.’

Tamar Mogendorff shell pillow 
‘My gifted friend Tamar Mogendorff created this enchanting velvet shell pillow. It gives the room a softness and an edge of femininity.’ 

A photo I shot in the Milan Natural History Museum
‘Milan is a city of hidden treasures, although when I visited the first time I found it to be lacklustre compared to Rome and Florence. On subsequent trips there, I discovered all that it had to offer, and more. I found the Natural History Museum to be most antiquated compared to New York’s, but delightfully so. I took this photo as I was drawn to the symmetry of the windows and the natural light cascading from them.’ 

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