Get to know the founders behind agency, Good Culture

Two people against a blue wall

Soho Works 180 Strand members and founders of Good Culture, Liz Matthews and Jordan Mitchell, share advice on how to launch your own business. They also tell us how they’re applying a smart talent strategy to their agency

Please introduce yourselves and tell us about your business
Jordan Mitchell and Liz Matthews: ‘We work with talent and brands on cultural strategy, brand partnerships, and global comms. Purpose and responsibility are at the core of our values, behaviour, and output. We have made a conscious and ongoing commitment to ensure our work strives to create a more inclusive, representative and equitable culture for all – and creates opportunities for our brand partners to use the power of their platforms to meaningfully contribute. We celebrate altruism, community, and the people and brands who share the same vision, to create compelling campaigns that have a positive impact.’

How did you become business partners? 

JM and LM: ‘We have worked together for over a decade, know and trust each other inside and out, and have incredibly complementary skill sets. We’ve worked so closely for years, and the new company, name and offering felt like a great time to formalise and celebrate our partnership.’

Sum up Good Culture’s aim in three words
JM: ‘Purpose-led storytelling.’
What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to a new business?
JM: ‘Some of your early wins will come from people you already know.’
What motivates you?
LM: ‘Each other and our clients. And the opportunity we have created for ourselves to make a material difference to culture in different ways.’
JM: ‘Creating positive impact in culture and building a legacy for my husband and children.’

Two people against a blue wall

What was your first job?
LM: ‘Working as a press secretary in the House of Commons. A real baptism of fire.’
JM: ‘My first job in the industry was at a corporate consumer PR agency, Citizen PR.’
What’s your 3pm slump snack?
LM: ‘Dark chocolate chewy toffees called Riesen in the winter, and a Fab ice lolly in the summer.’ 
JM: ‘It’s not very exciting, but currently hot water with lemon. It’s a good refresher in the afternoon.’
What are you reading or watching at the moment?
LM: ‘I’ve just finished one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched – Your Honor with Bryan Cranston. I’m also loving the French comedy Call My Agent! on Netflix, Babylon Berlin, and we never miss Gogglebox on a Friday night.’
JM: ‘I’m currently reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and Girl by Kenya Hunt. And I’m watching Line Of Duty.’

Who was the last person you texted?
LM: ‘My eldest son to say bye and I love you – in the chaos of everything we missed each other this morning.’
JM: ‘My girls’ WhatsApp group about the NFT [non-fungible token] art scene.’
Which emoji do you use the most?
LM: ‘I’d say equally split between the gritted teeth and the kiss. Not sure what that says about me…?’
JM: ‘The laughing emoji with tears. I’m always laughing about something.’
What’s the future for Good Culture? 
LM and JM: ‘We like to say Good Culture has no edges, which means that the possibilities are endless. We want to work with more talent on smart, culturally relevant strategy. For us, the future will always be rooted in purpose and creating work that makes a meaningful contribution.’

Which Soho Works is your favourite? 
LM and JM: ‘180 Strand. See you by the pool with a Frosé.’

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