Christopher Sealey's top 10 tracks for the working day

Man behind DJ decks with a glittery curtain in the background

The Soho Works member and CoverUS cofounder shares his favourite songs for getting work done

Christopher Sealey is the cofounder and co-CEO of CoverUS, a personalised healthcare marketplace with headquarters in New York. He is also a lover of music and spent many years as a DJ, playing parties and events for clients including Prince, Jay-Z and the Rolling Stones.
When he needs to get work done, our 55 Water Street lounge space is his go-to spot. ‘I retreat to the privacy of Soho Works’ back room when it’s time to lock in and get creative,’ says Sealey. ‘Everyone is so interesting here – it’s important to have space to connect, be inspired, and turn that inspiration into memorable work.’
Music also helps his productivity. Here, Sealey shares a mix of his favourite tunes to accompany the working day.

‘17 Days’ – Prince

‘A funky and nostalgic ode to my favourite person to DJ for (and the guy who helped me meet my wife).’

‘Int’l Players Anthem’ – UGK ft. OutKast

‘Doesn’t everyone get dressed to this song each morning?’

‘Uncomfortable’ – Sault

‘Late afternoon espresso vibes mask searing political commentary. 2020’s best (and most mysterious) artist.’

‘Lemonade (Les Bisous Remix)’ – Mercer

‘The rent is still too damn high.’

‘Paranoid Android’ – Radiohead

‘Thom Yorke predicted 2020 in 1997. Chaotic, energetic – music to create to.’

‘Freek’n You (Wu-Tang Remix)’ – Jodeci ft. Raekwon

‘Out of respect for my Soho Works colleagues, I haven’t yet sung this aloud when it comes on my headphones. No promises, though.’

‘China’ – Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee and Karol G ft. J Balvin and Ozuna

‘The international party anthem for all the parties [we didn’t have] in 2020. Takes me back to DJ’ing on top of castles in Colombia.’

‘Put ‘Em In Their Place’ – Mobb Deep

‘Unrivaled New York energy from one of the nicest humans in the game. Rest easy, P.’

Private Party ’20 –

‘Every year, I make a DJ mix of the best pop songs, with a little help from the artists themselves. It’s a banger.’

‘Can’t Truss It’ – Public Enemy

‘A song about America. We have a lot of work to do and I’m out here working.’
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