Why Soho House needs Mexico City

Why Soho House needs Mexico City | Soho House

Our Director of Membership for LATAM, Alicia Gutierrez, reflects on what our first Latin American outpost means for our global creative community

Tuesday 13 June 2023 By Soho House

With just a few months to go, the countdown is on for the opening of Soho House Mexico City. To celebrate, we’re reflecting on everything that our new outpost will bring to our global creative community and, more importantly, why Soho House needs a presence in the Mexican capital.  

Making history as our first opening in Latin America, the House is situated in the heart of Colonia Juárez in a restored casa. While incorporating our signature Soho House design, the interiors are made up of locally made custom furniture and vintage pieces, plus an art collection of more than 100 works from artists born, based or trained in Mexico.

While the House is being finished, we’ve been planning a series of pre-launch celebrations for the local creative community and our existing Cities Without Houses Mexico City members, giving them a glimpse of what’s to come. We’ve also been reflecting on how Mexican culture and the wider creative scene in Latin America is essential to making Soho House a global entity that truly represents our membership and communities around the world in the most authentic way. 

Here, our Director of Membership for LATAM, Alicia Gutierrez, shares the key reasons why Soho House Mexico City will do just that.

Why Soho House needs Mexico City | Soho House

Mexico City is recognised globally as one of the most creative places in the world 
‘It’s no surprise that there’s been a growing buzz around Mexico City in recent years, so much so that it’s become the “It” city for creatives to visit and live in. For us at Soho House, it’s about acknowledging that sentiment and elevating it through the membership experience in every local aspect. We’re excited that as the city grows and evolves, we can serve as a platform and resource for creatives, so that our local members can integrate us into their lives and our visiting members can connect with the city authentically.’

Soho House Mexico City gives us the opportunity to tell stories
‘From the design of the House to our members, we will be able to amplify the Mexican narrative within the Soho House brand. I’m super excited about all the stories we can share. The House itself is a historic casa, located in Colonia Juárez, and is filled with original features that have been restored and preserved. For the design and development, we collaborated with Sordo Madaleno – a third-generation architecture firm started by Juan Sordo Madaleno in 1937. For us, it was very special to be part of that story and amplify it through the collaboration, especially as Madaleno was one of the most pioneering Mexican architects of his time.  

‘Similarly, our members are individuals who are elevating creativity at every level, and I’m excited to share who they are and what they do through our programming and content. Telling their stories will be a crucial part of Soho House serving as a platform for local talent.’

CDMX and LATAM are a key part of making Soho House flourish globally 
‘In recent years, we’ve seen more global Latin representation across the creative industries than ever, with Soho House creating more opportunities to champion our Latin members. As the landscape changes in terms of representation and the growth of that demographic, opening the new House in Mexico City is a chance to learn more about the market and apply those learnings to our future sites as we continue to expand in the region. We’re also excited to add some key cities to our Cities Without Houses membership this year, which will give us the opportunity to have a presence in cities such as São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogotá, and more.’

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Why Soho House needs Mexico City | Soho House
Why Soho House needs Mexico City | Soho House
Why Soho House needs Mexico City | Soho House
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