Unlock the power of your mind at our first Soho Retreat in Mykonos

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Designed to make space for self-discovery, mental TLC and personal growth, book your spot on our inaugural retreat at Soho Roc House

Tuesday 25 July 2023   By Soho House

At Soho House we know how important it is to rest and recharge. To help you do just that, we’re planning a host of retreats at our Houses, where you can focus on the things that mean most to you – whether that’s making space for your mental health, indulging your culinary side or dedicating time to your general wellbeing.
The first of these retreats will take place at Soho Roc House in Mykonos between Monday 25 and Friday 29 September, including a room for two for four nights, food and drink, and all activities. Focusing on mind wellness, we’ve secured a line-up of experts to help you unlock the power of your brain. With nourishing menus and the Aegean Sea just a stone’s throw away, you’ll be given all the tools you need to work on your mental wellbeing, without leaving the club. Not to mention, the beach house itself is in a private space along the coastline – the perfect environment for a mental cleanse.

Soho Retreats, Mykonos: Unlock the power of your mind | Soho House

The true magic of this retreat lies in the expertise of our hosts. You can expect talks, workshops and advice by Moha Bensofia, the founder of Mendi.io, (a technological headband used to improve brain health via brain-training games), alongside neuroscientist, Dr Ben Rein, PhD, and Soho House members Dr Maria Louise Skovbo Kristensen and neural coach Julie Elisabeth Schulin from the Winner Minds group. Plus, Lauren Demarest, founder of Sweat Vacay, will be hosting yoga sessions throughout. 
Beginning on Monday, you’ll be welcomed warmly at Soho Roc House as you check in and meet fellow guests (socialising is encouraged).
Over the course of three days, you can get involved in a range of activities designed to unlock your full mental potential and promote personal growth. Start by engaging in immersive neural training workshops, curated to optimise cognitive function, enhance your mental acuity and access the untapped power of your brain.
There will be dedicated journaling and reflection sessions, creating a safe space for deep introspection and self-discovery; designed for everyone from journaling novices to those who never miss a day.  
We’ll also engage in mind-body exercises through cold-water therapy sessions, allowing you to build resilience and (hopefully) unlock new levels of mental and emotional strength. Alternatively, or additionally, opt in for moments of relaxation with soothing Cowshed massages and indulge in a health-focused curated menu, designed to nourish you and fuel your mind and body.

Soho Retreats, Mykonos: Unlock the power of your mind | Soho House
Soho Retreats, Mykonos: Unlock the power of your mind | Soho House
Soho Retreats, Mykonos: Unlock the power of your mind | Soho House

Our aim is to help you cultivate a winning mindset, giving you the tools to master your potential and reach new heights in both your personal and professional life.
Package price per room including full board and all activities starts from €2,240 (two-person package) and €1,640 (one-person package).

Each retreat package includes:

  • Four nights of accommodation for two people at Soho Roc House from Monday 25 to Friday 29 September
  • Three days of Mykonian-inspired, health-focused food curated by the House’s head chef, Leyteris Lavdas
  • Three x 60-minute Vinsaya Flow yoga sessions at 8am every morning with Lauren Demarest
  • One x ‘brain gym’ workshop with Dr Maria Louise Skovbo Kristensen and life coach Julie Elisabeth Schulin
  • One x ‘unlock the power of your mind’ workshop and talk with Stanford PhD neuroscientist Dr Ben Rein and founder of Mendi.io, Moha Bensofia
  • One x Wim Hof-inspired immersive cold-water therapy workshop
  • One x neural training workshop led by Moha Bensofia
  • Three x 60-minute journaling and reflection sessions led by Dr Maria Louise Skovbo Kristensen and life coach Julie Elisabeth Schulin 

Soho House members can book the retreat here; Soho Friends can book the retreat here.