Meet the members of Soho House São Paulo

Meet the members of Soho House São Paulo | Soho House

Before our first House in South America opens its doors, we connect with some of the local creatives joining our community

Tuesday 26 March 2024   By Chloe Lawrance Photography by Hick Duarte

A cosmopolitan hub in the heart of Brazil, São Paulo is where our newest House is located – opening in the coming months. Housed in a historic hospital building in the Cidade Matarazzo redevelopment, there are 32 bedrooms, plus a gym, a spa, a pool bar, and plenty of club spaces for members to eat, work and socialise. 

As we expand our global community with this new opening, we wanted to shine a light on the local creatives that make São Paulo such a buzzing city. From creative directors to art advisors, meet the members soon to call this House a home. 

Meet the members of Soho House São Paulo | Soho House

Luiza Brasil
Author, journalist and founder of MequeLab

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Luiza Brasil has lived in São Paulo since 2012, building a career as a columnist for Vogue Brazil and launching the communications agency, MequeLab. 

‘São Paulo is a city that means generosity and hospitality,’ says Brasil. ‘It’s been a very kind place to me and given me so many opportunities for growth in my life.’

Brasil sees the city as the perfect fit for the newest Soho House opening, thanks to a shared ethos of learning and developing in the company of others. ‘What I love about São Paulo is the multiplicity of having several cities in one – there’s so many realities in a single place,’ she says. ‘I’m excited for Soho House to arrive in São Paulo, because I believe that it will be a welcoming space to meet new people, and share and exchange new ideas.’

Meet the members of Soho House São Paulo | Soho House

Guto Requena
Architect and designer

Interested in technologies and sustainability, Guto Requena uses his São Paulo-based studio to design not just buildings, but immersive experiences, too. The Love Project is a great example of this. Requena invited guests to describe a major love story from their lives, during which he used biosensors to collect data such as changes in their heartbeat or voice. This data was then used to print 3D objects – a physical depiction of their internal response.

Requena finds inspiration for many of his projects on the streets of the city: ‘São Paulo is effortlessly cool: the underground culture, the black and queer contemporary art scene, the chaos – it’s all raw and inspiring,’ he says. The new House, he hopes, will provide even more opportunity for inspiration: ‘I’m excited for a platform to meet new and interesting creatives. I can’t wait for the pool bar, either…’

Meet the members of Soho House São Paulo | Soho House

Levis Novaes
Cofounder of MOOC creative collective and KELE AG creative agency

A São Paulo native, entrepreneur and creative, Levis Novaes grew up in the Jardim Brasil neighbourhood, where he has witnessed the evolution of the city over three decades. ‘São Paulo is pulsating with energy,’ he says. ‘There’s a vibrant social scene, a multicultural ambience, and a really diverse creative community. In this city, I’ve been able to foster connections with people that originate from all over the world.’

He has formed many connections during his near decade-long career in the advertising industry. In 2015, he cofounded MOOC, a creative collective led by Black professionals in Brazil, and he is also the chief strategy officer at KELE AG, an agency founded by Novaes and his partner Kevin David that counts Nike, Levi’s and Meta as clients. 

For Novaes, the arrival of Soho House in São Paulo is part of an emerging new era for the creative community in Brazil. ‘It’s a chance to bring together creative minds and broaden our collective horizons,’ he says.

Meet the members of Soho House São Paulo | Soho House

Camila Yunes Guarita
Art advisor and founder of KURA

As an architect-turned-art advisor, Camila Yunes Guarita formed her São Paulo-based art advisory service, KURA, on the belief that collecting art should be for everyone.

‘There were lots of galleries, dealers and fairs, but there weren’t necessarily enough qualified professionals to help people build their own collections,’ she explains. ‘I decided to become a specialist and do just that through personal taste, budget and, of course, value.’

Creating a community has been an important element of KURA’s success – and it’s what Guarita is most looking forward to with the opening of Soho House São Paulo. ‘We need other people and their differences to be able to evolve, to have new ideas,’ she says. ‘My heart is in São Paulo – it’s a cosmopolitan city with so many possibilities. People here are so open to everyone.’

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