Meet the members of Soho House Portland

Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House

As our first House in Oregon prepares to open its doors, we meet some of the local creatives joining our community

Monday 22 January 2024   By James Conrad Williams

A destination for dreamers, makers and doers, Portland is a small city with a big influence. And soon it will become home to our newest North American outpost, Soho House Portland.

‘The creative community here is bold, outspoken and willing to take risks,’ says Kayla Hoppins, Soho House Portland’s Head of Membership and Communications. ‘As a city, we are optimists who continue to create, innovate and inspire, and that’s what Soho House is all about. The Pacific Northwest, and Portland in particular, is known for being deeply passionate, a little offbeat and always brimming with new ideas. Having lived here for more than 15 years, I can assure you that Portland is resilient, with limitless potential.’

The new House features a rooftop pool, an art collection of nearly 100 works, a 4,400 sq ft gym and will be situated in the Troy Laundry Building. The location is just a short stroll from the Willamette River in the city’s Central Eastside – an area of Portland known for its restaurants, dive bars, cosy coffee shops, and friendly neighbourhood feel. 

‘Work-life balance and the ability to be immersed in the natural beauty of Oregon draw people from across the globe to live, work and visit,’ says Hoppins. ‘Sports giants such as Nike and adidas are here, alongside leading global creative agencies, plus world-class restaurants and wineries that attract curious and eclectic individuals from around the world.’ 

Portlanders are artists, designers, chefs, expats, entrepreneurs and everything in between. Here, we meet a few of the city’s creatives, who are also members of the Soho House community.

Above, from left: Lena Vasilenko Tsymbal, Jess Ackerman, Chloe Mason, Jewan Manuel, Evan Luecke

Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House

Chloe Mason
Model, author and entrepreneur

‘Portland as a whole is very open-minded and creatives are its heartbeat. You might walk down the street and see someone wearing a tutu or a full-on alligator costume, and it’s embraced. Soho House has already begun groundwork to ensure it brings a breath of fresh air to the city. I’m excited to have a place to be around like-minded individuals.’

Mason wears: Jacket, Perfect Moment; jeans, Levi’s; bag, Prada

Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House

Evan Luecke
Digital creator

‘Portland is unique; it has an eclectic energy. The creative community is very supportive. Here, it’s about collaboration over competition. I got to where I am by leaning on my network and surrounding myself with people who share the same vision as I do. Even though Portland gives off this small city vibe, I feel like I don’t know half of the people in this town, so I’m excited to meet more members of the creative community at Soho House.’ 

Luecke wears: Jacket, Perfect Moment; hoodie, Acne Studios at Frances May; trousers, Acne Studios; boots, Sorel

Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House
Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House
Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House

Jess Ackerman 

‘My studio is pretty close to the House, so I’m excited to have a place to step away when I need a break. Also, somewhere to sit and sketch. I usually work intuitively and go straight to paint on canvas – but when planning out larger projects, I like to sketch ahead and something about a social space helps me to focus. I’d love to see some of the original Houses in the UK. The art collections alone are a thing of legend.’

Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House

Lena Vasilenko Tsymbal 

‘There is a trending conversation happening in our culture regarding a “third place”: essentially having somewhere to go that isn’t home or work, where one can come to exchange ideas, build relationships and have a good time. I’m really looking forward to Soho House being this place for me.’

Tsymbal wears: Jumpsuit, Perfect Moment; boots, Sorel; bag, Kozha Numbers; skis, Season Eqpt at Evo

Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House
Meet the members of Soho House Portland | Soho House

Jewan Manuel 

‘Portland is a youthful city on the verge of becoming a major metropolis. There are big businesses, sports teams and an international airport, but you can still make a real impression by showcasing your art. This city craves creativity and loves to support local enterprise. Portland allowed me the space to share my love for plant-based food. Fellow chefs opened their doors for me to understand a lot more of the business. When Soho House Portland opens, I’m most looking forward to having a place for all creatives to come together.’

Ackerman wears: Sweatshirt, Perfect Moment; trousers, Carhartt; trainers, Maison Margiela x Reebok Manuel wears: Jacket, Perfect Moment; shirt, Beams; trousers, AG Jeans

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