Live Like A Local: A food-lover’s guide to Tel Aviv

Live Like a Local: A Food-lovers Guide to Tel Aviv | Soho House

Let Noa Bonné, Soho House Tel Aviv’s Membership Manager, guide you to the tastiest, coolest and most authentic places in the city

Friday 26 May 2023 By Soho House

Summer is here, and if you’re looking for some travel inspiration you need to put Tel Aviv on your radar. The sun-soaked city is brimming with culture, authentic Israeli food, ancient architecture, and a buzzing nightlife. 

Aside from visiting Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa to try the ever-evolving menu at The Pantry – our dining courtyard surrounded by olive trees – you may want to explore the local area, too. Take notes from the House’s Membership Manager, Noa Bonné, who was born and raised in Tel Aviv, and is also a screen writer, creative director and local DJ. She knows the must-try coffee shops, ultimate party places and even late-night snack spots. 

Here, she shares her favourite places in Tel Aviv that you simply won’t want to miss.

Live Like a Local: A Food-lovers Guide to Tel Aviv | Soho House
Live Like a Local: A Food-lovers Guide to Tel Aviv | Soho House

For dinner… 
For high Mediterranean food, with fresh produce straight from the market, Basta (in Hebrew: market hut or stall) is the place for you. 

For fresh seafood, a beautiful view and an authentic experience, try Shabtai Hayafe (in Hebrew: handsome shabtai). It’s one of my favourite places. 

For Italian food, go to Cicchetti; amazing small Italian plates, chilled vibes and excellent cocktails. 

For live music… 
It’s almost a cliche to recommend the Beit Romano compound, but they have the best shows and DJ sets in town, and the entrance is primarily free of charge. 

For vinyl shopping… 
Holit Records is a small shop with a lot of heart. Go there if you want to find something unique. 

For coffee...
My favourite is Dama, an Israeli-Swedish cafe serving homemade pastries, rye bread, sandwiches and, most importantly, fantastic coffee.

HOC (House of Coffee) is the ultimate destination for an aesthetic and high-end coffee experience. 

If you want to mingle with young locals, Nehama Vahetzi is the place to be.

For those who prefer to discover their own perfect coffee spot, head south on Yefet Street. You’ll come across many family-owned businesses and local coffee blends, allowing you to find the best place that suits your taste.

Live Like a Local: A Food-lovers Guide to Tel Aviv | Soho House
Live Like a Local: A Food-lovers Guide to Tel Aviv | Soho House

For dancing the night away… 
Phi Garden and Romano. If you want to lose yourself dancing, I recommend the monthly PAG queer parties. 

For shopping… 
En Culture – owners Nica and Dan bring extraordinary designers from East Asia. 

Buy Kilo, a second-hand store that sells clothes by weight. 

Mishi Mono, the silk dresses you didn’t know you needed. 

Dozen Wishes for kid core-style pearl jewellery. 

For late-night munchies… 
I love Fat Dog. A hot dog with all the toppings you can add is a real treat. 

If you’re into a late-night sitting in a cafe, try The Streets. 

A brunch for the morning after… 
I’d try Beit Kandinof, Soho House’s brunch feast, Shaffa Bar, and Puaa. 

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