My Rome: Beauty is everywhere. Rome is a healer

My Rome by Andrea Mete | Soho House

Roman photographer, Andrea Mete, shares his insider tips on where to eat, what to do, and where to party

Wednesday 11 May 2022    By Andrea Mete

Like most capital cities, when visiting Rome, you could spend an entire trip caught in the tourist traps. Sure, those sights are worth seeing – so much of the city centre is steeped in cultural and historic significance – but there’s more to Italy’s capital than Trip Advisor’s top 10 attractions.

For those wanting a real feel for Rome – as experienced by the locals – we asked photographer and native Roman, Andrea Mete, to share his favourite spots that lie off the beaten track. What’s the saying again? When in Rome…

My Rome by Andrea Mete | Soho House
My Rome by Andrea Mete | Soho House

What’s your favourite thing about living in Rome?
‘There’s beauty absolutely everywhere. I like to think of the city as a healer. I’m definitely proud to have been born here.’
Best way to explore the city? 
‘Walk and lose yourself in it. When you’re in the centre, always look up and appreciate the ancient architecture.’

Describe Soho House Rome in three words.
‘A great soul.’ 
Tell us a place that only the locals know.
‘Via Piccolomini – it’s a street in the Aurelio district. If you go, walk or drive towards the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. As you get closer, you’ll experience an optical illusion as the dome begins to shrink.’
What’s your favourite local dish and where can you eat it? 
‘I love pasta in all its shapes and sizes. You can normally catch me eating some form of it at Osteria del Sostegno.’
Your ideal evening itinerary? 
‘Cycling or walking around the centre by myself or with friends. Most evenings, I like to stop by Piazza di Pietra in Salotto 42 to have a cocktail or a glass of wine.’
Long, lazy alfresco lunch spots? 
‘Right now, Soho House Rome’s terrazza is one of my favourite spots. I also like Augustarello or Zi Umberto in Trastevere.’

My Rome by Andrea Mete | Soho House
My Rome by Andrea Mete | Soho House
My Rome by Andrea Mete | Soho House

Best restaurants for delicious local food?
‘La Matricianella and Trattoria Da Teo.’

Favourite spots within walking distance of the House?  
‘Said, a chocolate factory, and Kiko, a Japanese restaurant.’
Best venues for good vibes? 
‘The Sanctuary and Piazza delle Coppelle.’
Most romantic place to visit?
‘Everywhere with good company.’
An independent store everyone has to check out?
Three places to go for breakfast? 
‘Coromandel, Soho House, and home.’

Essentials to pack for a Rome city break?
‘Patience, good vibes, and sturdy walking shoes.’
Do not leave Rome without... 
‘Making new connections and feeling the real Roman energy.’

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