All the newness coming to Soho House Berlin this spring

All the newness coming to Soho House Berlin this Spring | Soho House

From events and menus to a major shift in our gym offerings, here are all the exciting updates at our German club to match the city’s cultural boom

Thursday 16 March 2023   By Soho House

As our first-ever European House opening, it goes without saying that Berlin is one of our favourite cities in the world. Famed for its rich history, the German capital is a cultural hub, full to bursting with creativity: from innovative art and design, to film, music and legendary nightlife. This year in particular, Berlin is at the top of our travel list thanks to the array of exciting cultural events and new openings the city is rolling out throughout 2023 – including a refresh on all of our key offerings at Soho House Berlin

Over the coming months, the city will welcome its first branch of renowned Swedish art gallery, Fotografiska, following existing locations in Stockholm, New York and Tallinn. There’s also a new monument on the way, with a giant, walkable steel bowl being built at the Humboldt Forum to commemorate the peaceful revolution and fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Plus, there are various new exhibitions at notable museums across the city, a slew of music festivals, Berlin Pride Week and, of course, the Special Olympics World Games, which will be held in the city in June. 
To match the city’s cultural boom, we’ve got a long list of newness to look forward to at the House, including a new seven-day events programme, updated menus, more than 20 new gym classes and the newly opened The Store X at Cecconi’s, offering a creative edit of fashion, furniture, music, art, and books. 

Here are all the updates you need to know about at Soho House Berlin this year. 

All the newness coming to Soho House Berlin this Spring | Soho House

The new events programme 

Soho House Berlin has hosted some pretty iconic events since opening its doors at the historic Bauhaus building in 2010. But this year, we’re taking things up a notch by introducing a new seven-day events programme, each themed under a special pillar. 

The new schedule will include event slots for every day of the week, providing members with a variety of creative moments to attend and get involved in – from House Talks and community-led mixers to wellness workshops and House parties. Here’s how the weekly programme looks: 


Under 27s special – this will be an event dedicated to our Under 27 members, and will vary each week.


House Talks – on Tuesdays, we’ll be hosting talks for members to attend and engage in. They will include panels and discussions focused on all creative industries, from fashion and art to music and filmmaking, among others. 


Community – these events will be community focused, honing in on local happenings in the creative world and beyond. They’ll include everything from mixers and dinners to collaborations with community initiatives. 


Entertainment – Thursday continues to be the new Friday with our new entertainment nights. These events will centre everything from live music performances and parties to comedy shows and more. 


DJ nights – the party continues on Fridays with DJ sets from resident DJs and special guests guiding us into the weekend every week. 


Wellness and hands-on workshops – we will be hosting Saturday workshops every week where members can get stuck into arts, crafts and a range of hands-on classes, as well as self-care and wellness events to keep you grounded. 


Markets – on Sundays, members can look forward to special markets at the House, from gospel brunches and markets to Under 27 supper clubs, food pop-ups and more. 

All the newness coming to Soho House Berlin this Spring | Soho House

More weekly gym classes than ever 

This spring, we’re introducing some more programming to our Soho Health Club with additional gym classes. Members will now have 26 new classes per week, with a range of everything from Boxing and Pilates to Soho Cross and Barre Fit. If you’re more into the holistic side of health, we’ve also got new yoga and breathwork sessions. Discover the full line-up under our gym classes section on the app, and book in with your fellow members. 

The Store X at Cecconi’s 

The Store X is now officially open at our Cecconi’s Lounge, where members can enjoy DJ sets and a special menu of cicchetti and cocktails while browsing through a creative edit of fashion, furniture, music, art, and books. Every Thursday to Saturday, 7.30pm to 11pm. 

The new menus

One of the most exciting things to look forward to this season is our new menus. We’ve made changes to both of our House menus, with refreshed takes on our House Regulars, as well as additional dishes – including local specials – on our main club menu. Book yourself a lunch or dinner to discover our latest offerings.

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All the newness coming to Soho House Berlin this Spring | Soho House
All the newness coming to Soho House Berlin this Spring | Soho House