Twenty ways to supercharge your Soho House stay

20 Tips to supercharge your holiday | Soho House

Timing is everything, so level up your visits to our Houses around the world with these insider tips on exactly when to show up

Tuesday 14 March 2023   By Sagal Mohammed

When it comes to travelling, we’re all about making the most of our trips – whether it’s a short city break or two weeks by the beach. However, picking the perfect time is always key, especially when visiting the cultural hubs where our 40 Houses around the world are located. Heading to Berlin? You’ll want to be there for the Carnival of Cultures festival at the end of May. Making it to Mykonos this summer? Don’t miss Pride week. Or perhaps you want to spend some time in LA? Make it Coachella season. 

There is a time and place for everything, Soho Houses included. So, here’s how to make the most of your membership and your stay by aligning your trip with cultural moments, special events and the seasonal highs of our destinations. Plus, booking in advance means you get 15% off our standard room rates, so let the planning commence. 


1. Soho House Mumbai
Prime time: Holi, Wednesday 8 March 2023
Holi, also known as the festival of colour, is one of the biggest Hindu festivals in India and we’ve made it a tradition to celebrate big at Soho House Mumbai. This year, we hosted a 12-hour day-to-night party on the rooftop with DJs, drinks, special food pop-ups and various nods to local traditions – and we’ll be doing it all again next year. There really is no better time to be in Mumbai.


2. Little Beach House Barcelona 
Prime time: spring party, Saturday 1 April 
While we embrace the fact that Little Beach House is a quiet refuge from city life – a place to relax, recharge and enjoy life by the sea (Soho House style, of course) – this year, we recommend planning your trip around our spring party on Saturday 1 April, a day after the House officially reopens for the spring/ summer season. This is also when the weather heats up in Barcelona, meaning you’ll be enjoying sunshine vibes (and the best sunsets) as early as April. 

20 Tips to supercharge your holiday | Soho House

Soho House Mumbai

20 Tips to supercharge your holiday | Soho House

Soho House Canouan

20 Tips to supercharge your holiday | Soho House

3. Soho House Canouan
Prime time: Wednesday 5 to Monday 10 April
If sun, sea and sailing is your thing, then a stay at Soho House Canouan is exactly what you need. Spend a few days on the island, complete with all the familiar Soho House essentials – from the cocktails and interiors you love to everything you’ll find in our bedrooms. April is a great time to explore the neighbouring islands too, with the annual Easter Regatta, the largest sailing event in the Southern Caribbean taking place at Bequia (a short 20-minute flight away) from Wednesday 5 to Monday 10 April. The famous event includes a hybrid of local boat racing, yacht racing, shoreside activities and traditions unique to the island.

4. Soho House Chicago
Prime time: Art Expo, Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 April
Expo Chicago is an international exposition of contemporary and modern art that comes to Chicago each year. As a partner of the fair, Soho House has a booth within the space and hosts panels and events both on and off-site throughout the week. April is also a perfect time to visit the House, while the moderate temperatures are perfect for exploring the city or watching films in the cinema, relaxing in the spa or having cocktails in the club. If you come a bit earlier for Easter, the House also hosts an incredible feast with live music and special dishes, plus activities for families.  

5. Soho Warehouse LA
Prime time: Coachella, Friday 14 to Sunday 23 April
There’ll be no surprises when we say that Coachella season is prime time in LA. Whether you’re heading to the desert or not, there’ll be endless parties and events at Soho Warehouse (and our other West Coast Houses), as well as the rest of the city to get stuck into. Yes, it’s busy with people flying in from around the world to get a taste of the famous festival, but it’s worth it.


6. Soho House Barcelona
Prime time: Primavera Sound, Monday 29 May to Sunday 4 June 
Primavera Sound is one of the biggest festivals in Europe, and a time where creatives around the world gather in the Catalonian city. Needless to say, this is when Soho House Barcelona thrives the most. This year, we’ve got an exciting line-up of afterparties and events to celebrate the festival’s return and, as always, it’s our favourite time of year at the House – especially on the rooftop. 

20 Tips to supercharge your holiday | Soho House

Soho House Chicago

20 Tips to supercharge your holiday | Soho House
20 Tips to supercharge your holiday | Soho House

Above, from left to right: Soho House Nashville and Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa

7. Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa
Prime time: May 
If you’re looking for somewhere to kick-start poolside season, make it Tel Aviv, Jaffa and thank us later. May is the best time of year to visit the city as the weather is perfect for days spent lounging by the pool, enjoying sunset dinners or partying until the sun comes up – all of which we’ll be doing at the House. Unlike during the soaring temperatures in the summer months, a trip in May means you can explore Old Jaffa (the flea market is a must) without worrying about heatstroke. 

8. Soho House Berlin
Prime time: Friday 26 to Sunday 29 May and 8 July
Put Berlin on your summer travels agenda this year, especially if you’re a festival enthusiast. The city’s famous Carnival of Cultures takes place from Friday 26 to Sunday 29 May, celebrating its multiculturalism with a giant street party full of live music, theatre performances, food and drinks, with special events for members at Soho House Berlin. Similarly, Rave The Planet – previously known as the Love Parade – falls on Saturday 8 July, celebrating the heritage techno scene Berlin nightlife is synonymous with. If you’re a fan of the genre, don’t miss it.


9. Soho Roc House, Mykonos
Prime time: Saturday 3 to Tuesday 6 June 
Our seasonal House in Mykonos is the place to be every summer, and this year we’ve got special bedroom rates for members who are joining us for the opening weekend from Saturday 3 to Tuesday 6 June, as well as a free bottle of Lady A on arrival. Over the weekend, we’ll be celebrating the arrival of summer with various events, from throwing a huge barbecue pool party to a special performance by Kelis on Monday 5 June, among other exciting activities at the House. For a post-party recharge, add a day at Fokos beach to your schedule – you won’t regret it. 

10. Soho House Nashville
Prime time: Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 June; CMA Fest, Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 June 
Nashville is the music capital of North America, and in June two major music festivals –
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, which is just outside of Nashville, and the CMA Fest that takes place in the city – will be celebrated across two separate weekends within the month. The events will bring alive the city’s musical roots like no other time of year and, naturally, we’ll be hosting plenty of parties at Soho House Nashville to match. It’s also pool season and the ideal time to make the most of our Secret Garden, which will be the prime location for many of our summer events throughout the month.