The Zodiac Dispatch: May horoscopes

The Zodiac Dispatch: May Horoscopes | Soho House

No sudden movements, please – it’s time to revel in the languid pace of sensuous Taurus, says astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan

Tuesday 3 May 2022    By Clarisse Monahan

Emerging from the quick-tempered, fast-moving adolescence of Aries season, we pivot towards a more grounded pace of Taurean energy; its element is earth, its modality fixed, and its symbol the bull. And like the bull, the energy of Taurus can be stubborn and unwilling to alter its course of action. This is not the season to move across the country or change jobs. No sudden movements, go easy over the next few weeks. 

Taurus is also inclined toward the sensuous, the decadent, and the luxurious. Being fixed earth, it is the most materialistic of the signs. Venus-ruled, Taurus season is particularly auspicious for Libra (also ruled by Venus), Capricorn and Virgo (fellow earth signs). While the mutable Gemini and Pisces are somewhat stymied by the bull, this is a season, regardless of your spot on the zodiac to enjoy yourself and indulge a little. Indeed, Taurus is about pleasures, both known and unknown.

The Zodiac Dispatch: May Horoscopes | Soho House

It’s your season – always a special time. With the sun lighting up your selfhood sector, take the next few weeks to act in accordance with the laws of your nature: don’t rush things (that was Aries season); luxuriate in the spring air of your local park; get more sensual. Your sign is connected to earthiness in all its more decadent valences: rich food, drinking mint juleps, and reading 19th century novels about passion and adultery (Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary). You can also be stubborn, but this is your month to be that way, to dig your heels into your slow-going interests. 

While your season is fast approaching, Taurus season suggests a more introspective time for you. The sun will be transiting your unconscious sector. This is a murky part of the chart. It represents the past, secrets, and the fears we must confront for self-development. Each year, we pass through this dark night of the soul before emerging into the glory of our season. It’s a rite-of-passage transit and the advice during it is to be introspective. While your dynamic nature tends to be out in the world, you now need to start putting into words the darker currents of the inner world in order to activate some personal growth. 

Friendship is your theme this month, as the steady Taurus sun transits this zone of your chart. ‘Steady’ is the operative word here. This isn’t a month for lending time to mere acquaintances, but rather for getting deep with those who have been with you for the long haul. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus doesn’t flit about like Gemini. It values time-tested relationships. This kind of energy is more aligned to your deep, watery nature, so be there for old friends over the next few weeks. Meet up with them, have them over, dial them up. Connect on a human level – voice, presence. Such interaction will be a balm for your sensitive soul, especially after the rush of Aries season. 

The steady Taurus sun is lighting up your career sector. Taurus doesn't like change – it’s a fixed earth sign, after all. Accordingly, this isn't the month to make big moves in work; Gemini season might be better for that. Rather, you could be feeling nice and content professionally over the next four weeks, as Taurus energy tends toward comfort. But while Taurus season isn’t good for major changes, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them once the season passes. Taurus is a great sign for thinking through career questions at a leisurely pace, but not acting abruptly on the answers to them.

Taurus season is about enjoyment, which your more practical, no-frills nature can sometimes deny. But with the lux-loving bullish sun lighting up your travel sector this month, it might make sense to go on a trip. The bull has an earthy influence, so consider plans that align with this grounded energy: think mountain trails, woodlands, cottages, cabins (sheltered and quaint). If going away isn’t an option, the Taurus sun is also highlighting your philosophy and learning sectors. Get into some reading, but nothing arid. Instead, go with something sensuous, fleshy, and rich.

Your intimacy zone gets lit up by the sensual Taurus sun this season. This part of the chart is all about sharing (from finances to fantasies). Intimacy plus the inherently earthy and decadent nature of the Taurus sun could manifest in a pull toward steamy evenings and afternoon delights. Taurus has a ‘long haul’ energy, so make preparations for erotic encounters that unfold slowly and in splendour. No motel rendezvous for Taurus, please. While your nature is always looking to balance the desires of others, intimacy is about sharing your own needs, too, so make sure to put the weight of your yen onto the scales this season. 

The Zodiac Dispatch: May Horoscopes | Soho House

With the grounded Taurus sun lighting up your partnership zone, take this season to focus on improving or mending a relationship with a business associate or spouse. But it’s imperative to keep in mind that the bull can be obstinate. Avoid this quality in your dealings with significant others. Instead, incorporate the more positive traits of Taurus (steadfastness and stability) into your relationship tactics over the next few weeks. Consider, too, that Taurus is ruled by harmony-loving Venus. Being less bullish and more Venusian is the recipe for relationship success.

The Taurus sun is lighting up your somewhat drab health, diet, and routine sector. Taurus energy can be good for putting in some hard work at the gym – but, in reality, the decadent bull doesn’t much like the sadness of balanced meals and piecemeal workouts. Perhaps, then, you should embrace Taurus excess and pleasure this season. Take some time off from counting calories. 

You’ve got quite an auspicious placement this month, as the sensual Taurus sun camps out in your fun and romance zone. Taurus is ruled by Venus, who has its ‘joy’ in this sector of the chart. This is a season for you to loosen up and sink into the earthy pleasures of this Taurus/ Venus/ romance love triangle. Opt for opulent date nights at that French Bistro down the street. It might behove you somewhat to know that the romance sector of a chart also has to do with fecundity – both creative and procreative, so this can be a particularly charged time for your studio and/ or bedroom.

Your soundtrack this month should be ‘Homeward Bound’ by Paul Simon. With the Taurus sun lighting up your home zone, make the next few weeks about sprucing up your place for spring. Taurus is ruled by lovely Venus (money and beauty), so you may be feeling an extra pull to spend a bit of cash on your cherished hearth, as well. Also, keep in mind that Venus is the social butterfly of the zodiac. Your nature tends to be aloof, but work with this Taurus/ Venus/ home energy to liven up your space for some sort of soiree. Get out of that cerebral Aquarian head and come down to Taurus earth this month. 

‘Tis the season to focus on your words, as the steadfast Taurus sun highlights your communication sector. Taurus gives stamina to projects. As such, it might make sense to burrow into your home or office and labour on some looming assignment you may have on the horizon. Law school application? Thesis or paper for university? Long, tedious memo at work? While Taurus likely won’t give you the radiant prose style that Gemini season might, this can still be a productive transit to get words on the page. 

With the luxury-loving Taurus sun in your money zone this season, you could very well be tempted to splurge on expensive items at the airport en route to some fancy holiday destination. If the spirit moves you – and your bank account allows – maybe it’s not such a bad idea to treat yourself a little. But the Taurus sun in your cash sector can also be about moving deliberately toward some slightly more distant purchase. Another strategy for this transit might be to slow your fast nature by thinking of a modest financial plan that you stick to with the help of the steadfast bull. 

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