The Zodiac Dispatch: March horoscopes

The Zodiac Dispatch: March horoscopes | Soho House

Astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan, dives deep this month as we enter the watery realms of the zodiac’s most mystical, compassionate and boundary-averse sign: Pisces

Tuesday 1 March 2022 By Clarisse Monahan

We are now awash in Pisces season. It’s the final sign of the zodiac before we shift to brash and rash Aries. Pisces navigates in a perpetual state of tragic consciousness: all of this will dissolve eventually into the deep. It is this bitter wisdom that makes this sign otherworldly, vulnerable, almost mystical. 

Ruled by spiritual Jupiter and dream caster, Neptune, the Piscean element is water. Its modality is mutable. Its energy is sensitive, artistic, moody, always changing, compassionate, and boundary-averse, slowly eroding the stubborn beachfront between self and other. 

You’ve got a rare and auspicious transit going on this month, as your ruling planet, juggernaut Jupiter, camps out with the sun in your sign. This placement won’t happen again for another 12 years. Expect increased self-esteem, luck, vitality and creativity due to your Jupiter and sun placement. Pay close attention to 2 March and 6 March, too. On 2 March, the new moon enters your sector of selfhood and identity. It's a great day to set intentions for the month, as this watery Pisces moon will be extra fertile. You might also feel emotional (moon) and generous (Jupiter) on this day. On 6 March, the sun and Jupiter are exactly conjunct in the sky, during which you will be softly outlined by a delicate white aura. Overall, a season of excellent transits. 

You like heat, fire, and charging forward. Accordingly, this is not the season for you. Pisces is loose, mutable, and watery. In this regard, the Fishes are kind of like The Dude in The Big Lebowski – just taking things as they come. Go with the Pisces flow this season; try not to control everything. Because Pisces is the most compassionate sign, it would also behove you to expand the circumference of your care beyond the self. Given your notorious ‘me first’ mentality, this might be as hard as it is necessary for your growth. Soften up a bit. You can go back to head-butting during your season, starting 20 March.

The Pisces sun lights up your friendship zone this season. Be a bit bullish with your boundaries. Why? Your friends could go full Pisces this month – showing up unannounced, wanting to talk late into the night, processing the minutiae of your mutual past. In Mending Wall, poet Robert Frost memorably ends with the line: ‘Good fences make good neighbours.’ Keep that in mind until Aries season. Also, be aware that your ruling planet, Venus (money), and Mars (drive) enter into your career sector on 6 March. This is a bit of a ‘workaholic’ placement, during which you may have more energy for making money than usual. Take advantage.

The Pisces sun will impact your career zone this season, which might cause you some problems. To explain: usually you are the boss of the watercooler at work, regaling colleagues with the help of witty Mercury, your ruling planet. But the Twins (and Mercury) don’t like being in watery Pisces at all. The dreamy, shiftless energy of the Fishes complicates and confuses the quicksilver nature of your sign. You might be hot and cold at work during the next few weeks, focused for a few hours, then doodling the next. Communication with others might feel more unclear. What to do? Adapt. You are a mutable air sign, after all. 

You and Pisces are the tender hearts of the zodiac, so this watery season could have you feeling doubly emotional around friends, family, and beloved partners. You might want to disclose this astrological possibility to them now, so they can prepare for a lot of ‘processing’ how certain comments at dinner made you feel. You may also be more mystically inclined over the next few weeks. Indeed, the Pisces sun energises the spirituality sector of your chart this season. Do not resist the pull of ashrams, spiritual books, or the quiet surrender that comes from observing sunsets alone by the sea or in the countryside.

The sensitive Pisces sun will be highlighting your intimacy zone this season. Pisces delights in secrets and confessions. It loves getting personal. It wants to merge with the mind, body and spirit of those in its near orbit. In short, this Pisces sun transit is one in which you can stop tap dancing for attention, as you’re inclined to do, and instead share a deeper side of yourself with an intimate partner. Show them the sensitive artist behind the act. The new moon in your intimacy sector on 2 March is a perfect day to share a secret with your significant other, act on a desire, or decamp into a fantasy world.

The Zodiac Dispatch: March horoscopes | Soho House

Opposites attract – that boring cliche. And yet here we are in Pisces season, the sign diametrically opposed to you in the zodiac. Its energy is messy, wishy-washy, dreamy, never on time – all the things your somewhat uptight nature instinctively recoils from. But the stars are saying do not recoil; become more Piscean, at least for the season. On some level, you are drawn to this opposing energy, and the next few weeks are a time for you to let your hair down. When Aries season comes around, you can stop laughing and crying to songs in romcoms, and start scrubbing the taps again to make sure they’re clean. 

Your ruling planet, lovely Venus, and Mars (drive) are lighting up your romance and fun zone starting 6 March for the rest of the month. Venus is said to have its ‘joy’ in this sector of the birth chart. Perhaps a new love? Or maybe you galvanise an existing romance with Mars and its espresso energy? Bottom line: this placement is asking for you to go mad cap. Less routine, fewer schedules. Don’t try to keep everything measured, as is the nature of the Scales. 

The sensitive Pisces sun camps out in your fun and romance zone this season. This sector of your chart is also associated with creativity and entertainment. Your nature – fixed and intense – could use a bit more free-flowing Pisces energy, since you tend to hold onto things. Because the loose Pisces sun is also associated with artistry, this season could be especially productive for creative thinking (fertility is indicated by this transit as well). On 2 March, the new moon in your fun zone is the best day of the month to entertain or be entertained. Go out that night or have people over. 

Your ruling planet, generous Jupiter, has been transiting your home sector since late December. The compassionate Pisces sun now joins this area of your chart, doubling the cosmic emphasis on your domicile and those around it (family, fathers, father figures). This transit could also have you feeling nostalgic for the past and old homes. Reminiscing with family about growing up could help with the emotional nature of this Pisces season. A new moon on 2 March also indicates a good time to start a project around the house. On 18 March, you could receive recognition and rewards in your career. Generally, a positive time for work with the only Virgo full moon of the year landing in the area of your chart associated with achievement.

The Capricorn nature is often described as somewhat gruff. Ruled by serious Saturn, you’re not easily amused. You can be terse and not overflowing with affection. In contrast, Pisces (mutable water) and its season are marked by a kind of excess, maximum sensitivity, dreaminess, and compassion. Each season is meant to teach us to go beyond the boundaries of our own sign by becoming more Piscean, Cancerian, etc. With the Pisces sun lighting up your communication sector for the next few weeks, focus on developing a softer, sweeter voice in words spoken and written. This area is also associated with siblings (figurative or literal brothers and sisters). Set the tone for the season by reaching out to loved ones for a chat on 2 March when the new moon enters your communication zone. 

The overflowing Pisces sun energises your money sector this season. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit on yourself. With Venus (beauty, money and love) entering into your ego and identity zone on 6 March for a few weeks, this might be a great day to go shopping. Indeed, Venus in the selfhood zone is about beautifying your appearance. And with your money sector being activated by the Pisces sun, it only makes sense to invest in yourself. Another reason to spend a little: Pisces energy is about letting things flow. You’ve had Saturn, the penny-pincher, in your selfhood sector for over a year. You need to combat Saturn’s uptight energy with the loose-change ethos of the Fishes. 


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