The Zodiac Dispatch: June horoscopes

The Zodiac Dispatch: June horoscopes | Soho House

Watch your back – it’s officially Gemini season. Astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan, explores the gossip-loving chatterboxes of the zodiac whose frivolous energy is charting a month of social brilliance

Wednesday 1 June 2022   By Clarisse Monahan   Illustrations by Sarah Cliff

Welcome to Gemini season, whose symbol is the Twins, whose element is air, whose modality is mutable, and whose energy is gossipy. To be sure, Mercury (communication) rules this sign, so the next month might incline us more toward chit chat, repartee, or shooting the breeze. In its shadow form, Gemini can also be a season for tall tales, two-faced philandering, rumour-mongering, and tabloid sensationalism. 

Because we will be under a mutable air sign, we might feel flightier over the next few weeks. This could manifest in forgetfulness, so make sure you stay on top of appointments, schedules, and deadlines. Aquarius and Libra (both fellow air) will do particularly well this upcoming month, so too will Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius (all mutable). Regardless of your sign, however, this is a season for air-kissing at soirees and other forms of brilliant socialising as we move towards the summer solstice. 

The Zodiac Dispatch: June horoscopes | Soho House

Your nature is inherently curious – sometimes to a fault, especially when it comes to other people’s business. That’s ok. You’re inquisitive. But rather than inquire into others, use Gemini season to explore your own interests, needs, and desires. Indeed, the chatty Gemini sun lights up your selfhood zone over the next few weeks. This is a bit of a self-centred transit, so mobilise it to talk with friends or to yourself about goals for the year. Is it time for more or less serious commitments in romance? A particularly fruitful day for such conversations appears to be on 14 June, when the full moon crests your relationship zone. Take your partner out and discuss the state of your heart. 

The adaptable Gemini sun highlights your zone of the unconscious until your season next month. This mysterious zone of the chart teaches us to ‘let go’ of the past, hurtful words, bad memories, guilt, and shame. Here’s the rub, though: your nature tends to have trouble letting go of anything. Indeed, the symbol for your sign is the crab with its large claws built specifically for holding on. A conundrum, therefore. The advice: it would behove you to be less ‘crab-like’ during breezy Gemini season. This is a time for adaptability and light-hearted romps. Take things with a grain of salt. There is something liberating in that. Sometimes being a bit superficial is the deeper move. 

With the Gemini sun lighting up your friendship zone, focus on those around you this season – their needs, fears, or stories (no matter how long-winded and/ or sodden with extraneous detail). Such a focus might be somewhat of a challenge for you, given that your nature tends to want all the attention. But the cosmos loves giving lessons and challenges. Therefore, take the attention off you this season and play instead the role of a facilitator with friends. Find joy in asking clever, disarming questions. A full moon in your fun zone on 14 June suggests a particularly rich day to take a friend out for some soul-baring over beer. 

The flighty Gemini sun is lighting up your career zone this season. This might make sitting still at work more difficult. Trips to the proverbial watercooler to chat about the annoyingly glacial pace of Better Call Saul may accordingly increase. But maybe being a bit more talkative and loose this season could help with your workplace charisma. Gemini is a smooth-talker. It gets that quality from Mercury, your mutual ruling planet. You, on the other hand, take on Mercury’s more precise, dare we say uptight characteristics. Taking on some of that loquacious Gemini charm won’t hurt. Remember, you can’t spell ‘pay raise’ without some ‘praise’.

With the airy Gemini sun transiting your travel zone this month, it could be fun to take a flight somewhere easy-going. The Florida Keys? Austin, Texas? Maybe Austin. They love to talk down there, as cover bands invariably play Lynyrd Skynrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ on 
beer-sodden stages. Can’t travel? Understood. The travel zone also deals with learning and philosophy; mental journeys. Pick up a book instead. If you dare, go for J R by William Gaddis. Perhaps the chattiest book ever written. 726 pages of dialogue. That’s about as Gemini as you can get. 

The Gemini sun blazes through your zone of intimacy and sharing this season. Gemini can often get characterised as somewhat glib, while the deeper work of sharing a life, anxieties, finances or fantasies with someone seems the opposite of that. But what is taken for glibness can, from a different vantage, be construed as adaptability, and, surely, this characteristic can only serve to deepen bonds and understanding between intimate partners. Intimacy is about giving and taking, not being set in our ways. In the end, then, the mutable Gemini sun is asking you to become less fixated. Indeed, your fixed water nature tends toward a version of intimacy that could feel somewhat suffocating at times. Let the breezy Gemini sun usher in some fresh air to the cloistered chambers of the heart. 

The Zodiac Dispatch: June horoscopes | Soho House

Your partnership zone gets lit up by the breezy Gemini sun over the next four weeks. This part of the chart deals with spouses, long-term relationships, but also partners in business. What connects these? A focus on others or the inclusion of the other in our thinking about plans, goals, dreams, or the future. This is not a transit for solo quests, Archer. Rather it’s about combining two separate natures – self and other – much in the same way you combine the hybrid nature of your sign (human/ animal). The Gemini sun activates a yen for communication, so this is ultimately a season for talking with and listening to those close to you in order to bring their viewpoints and yours into greater cosmic harmony. 

According to the cosmos, your theme this month is routine, diet, and health. The Gemini sun is, in essence, airy, creative, and fun, so perhaps think about bringing this kind of energy to the drudgery of commuting and diet regimes. Routines don’t need to be a bore. Change up morning rituals on the way to work (true crime podcasts instead of playing Solitaire on your phone). And what about after the office? Gemini is a breezy time, so maybe a new, lighter, effervescent cocktail instead of a heavy Old Fashioned.

Grim Saturn, the disapproving schoolmaster of the zodiac, continues to camp out in your selfhood zone all year. Not so good. But even long days at school are mercifully highlighted by the joys of recess. Think of the next few weeks as a bit of playtime, therefore. Indeed, the flirty Gemini sun lights up your romance and fun zone this season. While your nature can be somewhat aloof, make this month less arid. Have fun. Nerd out. A full moon in your friend and social networking zone marks a particularly good day for going out with a BFF or business bud. 

The mutable Gemini sun activates your home zone, which could precipitate an urge to switch up the look of your place (painting some walls, getting rid of clutter, making living quarters feel more open). With summer approaching, maybe such a project wouldn’t be a bad idea. The home zone in one’s chart also deals with the father (or father figures). Given that Gemini is the sign that loves to chat (rather than do), maybe you should just give dad a call, talk about your interior design plans with him, and save yourself the effort of actually putting in the work. At any rate, he would love to hear from you. 

You’ve got a double dose of communication themes augured in your chart this month. Gemini, of course, has much to do with expression, loquacity, and sweet-talking. This Gemini energy is also activating your communication zone all season. Your nature can be brash and direct, especially with words. Your lesson is to be a bit more like the Twins. Get your way through persuasion and full sentences neatly ordered and carefully spoken. Such communication isn’t manipulative, it’s civilised. Your more martial nature sometimes struggles with that. The advice: no angry texts, no social media screeds. Charm instead. Gemini’s polished influence should help with that this month. 

With the breezy Gemini sun highlighting your money zone this month, be extra vigilant in terms of spending. Gemini energy is bad with money. It tends to treat cash like words, exhausting both freely. In the case of words, there is no shortage of them. Their circulation and exchange can even be a valuable thing. Cash, on the other hand, tends to be in shorter supply for most people. Be a bit more frugal with your purchases and resist Gemini’s less materially minded approach to money. On 14 June, a full moon in your shared finances zone marks a good day to do some accounting mid-month with those closest to you – a business partner, soulmate, or both. 

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