The Zodiac Dispatch: Charting your horoscope through the art of astro-herbalism

Illustration of rabbit and flowers

In this month’s column, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan explores how linking herbalism to astrology can offer a cosmic life hack

By Clarisse Monahan    Illustration by Steven Fritters

Herbal astrology is a vast field of study that looks at the correlation between plants, planets, zodiac signs, and the elements (fire, air, water, and earth). The practice of astro-herbalism, which has ancient roots in both Western and Eastern medicine, operates according to the basic principle ‘as above, so below’. This means that the starry sky influences not just our bodies, but also plants and herbs in order to supplement, enhance, and invigorate one’s health.

Connecting our zodiac sign to the healing properties offered through herbalism is therefore a useful method to explore and aid in deeper self-care rituals. In this horoscope special, discover which plants or herbs astrologically connect to your sign, and how you can draw on its properties to bring a greater sense of balance, insight, energy, and prosperity.

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Aries: rosemary
Ruled by the kingly sun, Aries is associated with the head. One of its corresponding herbs is rosemary, which energises a dull mind. If you want to be quick and on it, like a fiery Aries, anoint your forehead with it. Or, if you need to meet a deadline, burn it to purify the air while stimulating thought. Rosemary has also been shown to reinvigorate hair growth for a more regal crown. 

Taurus: catnip
Earthy Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. Though Venus rules the complexion, Venusian herbs aren’t just for looking good; they also help enhance happiness and attune us to love. Catnip is a known love elixir for accessing and increasing harmony that’s perfect for this Venus-ruled sign. Drink it hot or cold as catnip tea. Extra points if you do it on a Friday, the day she rules over.

Gemini: fenugreek
Ruled by Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, Gemini’s nature can be quite frenetic. Mercury’s fenugreek, known as the banker’s herb, is meant to increase prosperity. Engaging with fenugreek can help ground Gemini’s up in the air energy into something tangible (like money). In old lore, a dried eggshell filled with fenugreek and sprinkled with sugar will draw success to any business enterprise (especially if performed when the moon is waxing). 

Cancer: milky oats
Milky oats are ruled by the moon, which reigns over Cancer. However, they’re great for anyone who’s looking to invite more lunar energy into their life. The moon’s qualities are shown in the milky white latex excreted in seeds. The empathetic crab has a sensitive lunar nature, sometimes taking things very personally. Milky oats help bridge overly emotional reactions with objectivity, encouraging a consonance between the two.

Leo: St John’s Wort 
Leo season is the time when herbs of the