Teresa Tarmey: our resident facialist who’s revolutionising skincare

Teresa Tarmey sat back on a black leather chair wearing all black in a white room with white curtains

The beauty expert shares her five essential tips

Saturday 29th January 2022    By Tilly Pearman    Photography by Matt Joy

If you should listen to anyone’s advice about your skin, it should probably be Shoreditch House member, Teresa Tarmey. The Yorkshire-born ‘super facialist’ has spent more than 20 years devising innovative skincare treatments, confidently promising to ‘reveal your best face’ with her fastidious yet holistic approach. 

With some of the most in-demand hands in the industry, Tarmey’s A-list clientele may come as no surprise; her red carpet-worthy treatments do, after all, promise instant results. Yet despite the notable kudos, Tarmey’s genuine warmth, deep-rooted passion and creative vision are perhaps her truest, though less-awarded accolades. 

Likened by many as the ‘high fashion’ of facialists, you only have to visit her Notting Hill outpost to understand why. The minimalist gallery-cum-studio space, befit with original black leather Swiss furniture and rare Guy Bourdin prints, is a curational ode to the 1970s – a personal fixation of Tarmey’s that continues through to her equally exquisite wardrobe. 

Now, with a touring residency to Soho Health Clubs around the world, we catch up with the pioneering member to ask which skincare habits we should all be adopting right now.

Product shot of Teresa Tarmey's retinol gel which is in a sleek black bottle and is stood next to the white box it comes in. The black lid of the product has been placed on the left side of the bottle
Teresa Tarmey in a burgundy suit leaning up against a white detailed pillar. She is looking up and there is a mirror in the background where you can see her reflection

'...it’s an amazing time to start using a retinol treatment. Retinol is a great way to brighten the complexion'

1. SPF, SPF, SPF, all year round

‘Even if it’s gloomy out there, like it is where I am in the UK at the moment, you still need SPF. It doesn’t just protect you from the rays that tan you, but the ones that age you as well. I spend most of my working week fixing sun damage; it’s much easier to prevent it in the first place. This applies to guys, too – especially around the high forehead area, where many males get caught out with sun damage and broken capillaries. My go-to SPF range is Heliocare.’

2. Nutrition

‘We really are what we eat to some extent. Try to identify the foods in your diet that could be triggering skin problems. Dairy is often a killer – it can cause inflammation, which may trigger or contribute to acne and other skin conditions, such as rosacea. My favourite nutritionist I use to help with my skincare is Rosemary Ferguson.’
3. Oils

‘I’m not a huge fan of oils for those who may be prone to breaking out, as they can be very congesting. I also feel they can irritate the skin, depending on what oil you use, especially essential oils. My go-to is… none at all.’ 

4. Get regular facials

‘No one can take care of your skin like an expert can. We can give the correct advice for you as an individual, as opposed to generic information that you might find on a blog or a TikTok trend. We’ll also get those pores cleaned out without making a mess.’

5. Start using retinol

‘As it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s an amazing time to start using a retinol treatment. Retinol is a great way to brighten the complexion. Don’t be scared of it if you’ve tried it before and your skin has gone dry or flaky – maybe it’s not the right one, or you’ve used it too often. It takes time for your skin to tolerate it. This time, I’m going to recommend my own, which is a gentle 0.3% serum.’

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