Vibe check: enter spring with this energy cleansing ritual

Spring Clean Your Energy | Soho House

Soho House member Neelou Malekpour shows us how to fight fatigue with a full moon exercise

Thursday 14 April 2022    By Soho House  Illustration by Louise Androlia

Let’s get real. Life isn’t always in full bloom. Energy is notoriously difficult to manage; it’s up, it’s down, and almost never where we want it. Cue Neelou Malekpour, the Soho House member and founder of SMUDGED – a company that’s dedicated to producing ethical, responsibly sourced smoke cleansing bundles.

In this short, guided session adapted from her new book, The Art Of Sacred Smoke, Malekpour shares a full moon release ritual to help spring-clean your energy. Inspired by her Iranian roots, her personal affinity to the element of fire is used here to release and transform, teaching you how to welcome in greater clarity for the season ahead. 

All you’ll need is some paper, a pen, sacred smoke, and fire; be that a beachside fire pit, a countryside bonfire or a candle. Any of these will work for this simple ritual that’ll help free any negativity, anxieties and fear, and allow you to tap into your intuition and elevate to a higher frequency.
To catch the next full moon, save this practice for Saturday 16 April.
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