Soho horoscopes: It’s time to get serious this Capricorn season

Soho Horoscopes: It's time to get serious this Capricorn Season | Soho House

This month, astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan, dives into the strategic nature of the zodiac’s most responsible sign as we enter 2023

Thursday 22 December 2022   By Clarisse Monahan Illustrations by Megan Du

If Capricorn was a family member in a TV show, it would be the older sibling, off at college, working hard to achieve the unreasonably high hopes of its parents back in the Bronx. This is a serious sign. In a way, though, the responsible nature of Capricorn season comes at a good time for us. The year is coming to an end – and while we will no doubt be merry-making over the next couple of weeks, it should help us to have strategic Capricorn in the cosmic background as we quietly reflect, between cups of eggnog, on the year that passed and the year forthcoming. In order to most align with Capricorn energy, make sure your new year’s resolutions involve something long term or long standing: saving for a home (or buying one), paying off old debts, finally committing to a romance. All these responsible measures are catnip for Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (the marker of time).  


The sun will energise your selfhood zone for the next four weeks. Given that your sign is connected to business and banking, perhaps now is a good moment to invest in yourself a little, rather than other commodities on the market. This isn’t a spiritual transit, but it’s one where you should reflect a bit on your priorities. Create a flowchart to determine where you might better optimise and allocate time and resources for family, friends, and partners. A new moon in your sign on 23 December augurs a good day to start the self-investment cycle for the new year. Your sign loves to plan – make yourself the object of your first business model for 2023. 


The Capricorn sun activates your zone of the unconscious, dreams and secrets. This part of the chart deals with all that is hidden from view. Some call it the dustbin of the zodiac, others call it that place under the rug, where we sweep all our personal detritus. Ultimately, solar transits through this area are meant to clean your house in time for your upcoming season. Next month, have a big party celebrating Aquarius and your birthday within it. But this month is about doing the groundwork to get ready for the celebrations. Try to let go of one thing weighing you down – a secret, a slight, the humiliation of a personal failure. Take out that trash. 


Your friendship zone is all lit up this season by the serious Capricorn sun. This isn’t a time for hanging out late into the evening and philosophising with friends about alternatives to capitalism. That’s your ideal scene of friendship, but Capricorn energy is way more pointed and on the clock. Work with the Goat by trying to schedule in some friend dates with a clear start and end time. Listen to their issues and give practical advice. That’s how to align with the energy of a particular sign, in this case the punctual Goat, always 10 minutes early.  


The business-oriented Capricorn sun highlights your career sector. Ruled by taskmaster Saturn, the Goat is a grinder, loving hard work and long-distance goals. As cardinal fire, you prefer to initiate projects – but your heat sometimes doesn’t last. With Capricorn endurance in the mix this season, anticipate being able to finish work-related responsibilities on a strong note (rather than just starting them with that Ram-like fervour). A new moon in your career zone on 23 December betokens a great day to set some goals on a current project, while the full moon on 6 January suggests a date to reach them. 


Both you and the Goat are earth signs with somewhat decadent tastes. With the Sun in Capricorn activating your travel zone, perhaps the best way to expand your horizons this season is by sitting on a beach in Punta del Este and learning about Uruguay’s fine food. Austere ashrams aren’t indicated this season for you, but luxury travel destinations are. A full moon on 6 January portends an excellent night to celebrate with family, friends or a partner should you take that trip. 


The Sun in Capricorn activates your intimacy zone over the next few weeks. This part of the chart isn’t necessarily as sexy as it sounds. It also refers to taxes and shared finances. The calculating Capricorn sun here can be beneficial when applied to organising a financial plan for the upcoming year (but maybe not so thrilling when applied to coitus). Best to mobilise Capricorn energy around money matters. This isn’t to say that intimacy shouldn’t be enjoyed this season – but let the erotic side of your life be governed more by your mutable, breezy and spontaneous nature, vis-a-vis the less flexible qualities of the Goat. 

Soho Horoscopes: It's time to get serious this Capricorn Season | Soho House


The end of the year approaches, and the serious Capricorn sun lights up your relationship zone. Questions may naturally turn to romance over the next few weeks. They won’t be softball questions, however. No, no. Capricorn asks the hard ones: do I want to be in a relationship? If so, what kind (serious, light, compatible, passionate and intense)? And why this kind over that? The thing about Capricorn that could be good for you, in particular, is that the Goat can help provide emotional clarity on these matters. You tend to be too much in your feelings. Capricorn season takes the emotional guesswork out of questions on love and commitment. 


The Capricorn sun is highlighting perhaps the most humdrum sector of your chart this season, namely the cadent house of routine, diet and health. It’s a bit of a monotonous January for you, astrologically. Your nature needs to shine, but grim, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is casting a pall on your brilliance. The challenge for you, then, is to keep your glow. The benefit of the Capricorn sun is that it lends consistency and endurance to our actions – use that energy to establish a strong workout regimen now, so you’re ready for spring. 


The serious Capricorn sun lights up your fun and romance sector. This may seem like a bit of a contradiction. On the one hand, we have the solemn energy of Capricorn; on the other hand, the ludic implications of the area of the chart it’s transiting. But we mustn’t forget that Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, associated with material wealth. Seen from this lens, this placement starts to make a bit more sense. This is a month for having grown-up fun. Rather than going out for beer, karaoke and barbecue chicken wings with friends, consider instead a date at the theatre with a respected peer. Grown-up fun and romance. 


The nature of your sign is to find balance, while the nature of Capricorn, at times, is to find faults. With the Capricorn sun highlighting your home zone this season, use this Capricorn energy to look at your home with a slightly more critical eye. Do the walls need a new colour? Is it time for an upgrade with the coffee table? Deploying Capricorn’s discernment to beautify the home will please you and your ruling planet, Venus (beauty, harmony, love). A new moon on 23 December foretells a good day to put some time aside to start thinking about your manageable home renovation project. 


The Capricorn sun activates your communication zone. Along with its responsible influence, there is an old-world elegance to Capricorn, so use both qualities to approach your post-holiday thank you cards. No text messages. Instead, head down to your local stationery shop and send a handwritten note. A full moon on 6 January marks the best day of the month to have these little letters completed, then you can mobilise this remaining Capricorn energy to turn toward that personal statement for your graduate school application. Communication is your keyword. 


The Sun in Capricorn will be emphasising your money zone – a very good placement for the Goat. Capricorn rules over and relishes things like banking, commercial matters and paperwork. It’s the financial planner of the zodiac. Sagittarius, on the other hand, can be, shall we say, ‘generous’ (that is, loose) with funds. As the year starts, align yourself more with Capricorn. Get some discipline with spending. Don’t delay organising your taxes. Once we move more into the year, this discipline around fiscal matters are harder to come by, so take advantage of this sound money transit now.