Soho horoscopes: Lean in to your ambitious side this Aries season

Soho horoscopes: Lean in to your ambitious side this Aries season | Soho House

This month, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan explores this fire sign’s brave and bold nature

Tuesday 21 March 2023   By Clarisse Monahan   Illustration by Meredith Schomburg

Welcome to Aries season, whose symbol is the ram, whose ruling planet is war-like Mars, and whose element and modality is cardinal fire. 

What do we mean by that? Cardinal signs start each season and the ram’s one-month reign should be thought of as a time to put into motion things you’ve been merely thinking about. Let’s get in shape, apply for a new job or move into a new place. Aries supports these kinds of bold actions. This makes sense, as Mars (ruler of drive) rules the ram, and the sun is exalted here. After the mystical, compassionate Pisces season, where we were hyper-attuned to the ‘other’, Aries is about the ‘I’, the self, the ego. What do you want? Now go and get it. 

Rightly or wrongly, you’ve got a reputation for being the most selfish sign. Whether or not that’s true (it is), this is your season to celebrate self-absorption, as the sun lights up your ego zone for the next few weeks. Be a bit impulsive. Be hot-headed. Be Aries. The advice, though: make sure you have some sort of goal to be hot-headed (and/ or passionate) about. You and your ruling planet, Mars, need a clear path. Once you have that, others best get out of your sharp-elbowed way. So, this is a month to focus on yourself more than usual, but with the intention of making professional or personal progress by season’s end. Get heated about something and go for it. 

Glittering Venus, your ruling planet, relaxes at home in your sign until 11 April. This sweet, brief transit betokens a time for a bit of decadent withdrawal from the bustle of the world. Why so? Venus is coming from a place it doesn’t do well in (namely rash Aries). Accordingly, it will welcome the steady stability of your sign. Plan a little getaway during this Venus transit to align with your ruler. On 6 April, a full moon in Libra (also Venus-ruled) suggests the best day of the month to organise an excursion (especially if such plans involve a partner – Libra is all about celebrating the power of pair-bonding). 
With the somewhat self-centred Aries sun highlighting your friendship zone this season, you could find yourself at loggerheads with those in your crew. The necessary give and take of group dynamics might indeed irritate you more than usual – as might the selflessness involved in lending a sympathetic ear to a friend in need. That’s the shadow side of Aries in this part of the chart: focusing on self, rather than other. But there’s also a deeper, more positive aspect to this placement, if you’re inclined to look for it. Aries in the friendship zone can indicate fierce loyalty. Fight for your friends, rather than succumbing to typical Aries self-absorption. Astrology is like a ‘choose your own adventure’ story. Choose wisely. 

The ‘me-first’ Aries sun lights up your career zone this season. Such ego-centric energy (which, in a fire sign, could make one overly aggressive and pushy among colleagues) might actually do your watery, gentle nature well. For better or worse, the Aries sun is super direct – and, not only that, it tends to lend us courage. Why so? Remember that it is ruled by war-like Mars, whose influence teaches us, among other things, the virtues of fortitude in battle. This is all to say that Aries energy in the career zone of your chart will likely benefit you, if you’re thinking of making a change career-wise or looking for the inner strength to ask for that much-deserved raise. Be brave. 

The restless Aries sun highlights your zone of learning, travel and spirituality. While education is your ultimate theme this season, this isn’t a month for book learning – not with the youthful ram in the picture. Indeed, anyone who has ever tried to teach adolescents about Robert Frost’s poetry in the springtime, will recognise the futility of such endeavours. So, learn by doing instead. Since travel is indicated in your chart over the next few weeks, experience a new place. Be in nature. Gain situated knowledge. This is how to broaden your horizons, while simultaneously aligning with the energy of a given season. A new moon in Aries on 21 March betokens an auspicious day to think about some destination (it needn’t be far), while the full moon on 6 April indicates your best date to travel. 

Your ruling planet, Mercury (commander of communication), and the bold Aries sun highlight your intimacy zone for the first couple of weeks of the season. Together, these two planets portend a transit to clearly and directly put into words your needs to an intimate relation. Aries energy is about charging forward – it’s not for pussy footing. Though your nature is more maidenly and demure, you can learn something from the ram’s brashness in the boudoir. A new moon in Aries on 21 March indicates a potent date to speak on your desires. A full moon in Libra on 6 April suggests a day to act on the desires of a beloved.  

Soho horoscopes: Lean in to your ambitious side this Aries season | Soho House

Your Libra nature is always balancing the views of others, whereas Aries doesn’t much care for what people have to say. In this regard, and practically all others, you two are opposites. If you were politicians, you’d be the compromise-seeking liberal, with fantasies about reaching across the aisle to work with the other side, as Aries passes short-sighted, reactionary legislation to take away reproductive rights and criminalise drag shows. I digress. The point is that the ‘me-first’ Aries sun highlights your relationship zone this season. In other words, this isn’t a time for reaching across the aisle. Rather, you might need to be a bit self-centred and short-sighted yourself to get some work done with a business or romantic partner this month. 

The Aries sun is pumping up your zone of routine, health and diet over the next four weeks. This a great placement for getting off the comfy Soho House sofas and checking out all those yoga, boxing and movement classes in the gym. Spring is already here (wasn’t it just New Year’s Eve?) and you should think of the ram in this part of your chart as a personal trainer, amping you up to get ready for the warm weather. I can already hear the splashes from the swimming pool.

The brash Aries sun activates your romance zone over the next few weeks. While the ram is too fast for love, it’s full of the bold confidence and swagger that comes with youth. This might be a good time, accordingly, to get out on the tiles if you’re single and interested in some fun. The same goes for couples, too: Aries season brings with it a special kind of exuberance. In the romance zone, such energy vitalises thought, feeling and action – and this is a net-positive, regardless of age or relationship status. Comfortable nights inside should take a back seat to uncomfortable back seats of the car, fooling around and having fun. 

The ram wants to make things new, breaking with tradition. In this sense, its MO is much different from yours, old friend. You’re ruled by conservative Saturn and you value things made to last. But with the Aries sun vitalising your home zone this season, might it be time to look at your place with fresher, Aries eyes? This is by no means suggesting a gaudy home renovation project, but sometimes one small change can revolutionise a space. Add something new to the old to retain the notion of the old in the becoming of the new. 

This could be a good month for self-promotion. The headstrong, ‘me-first’ Aries sun will be highlighting your communication zone, thereby aligning speech to the ram’s somewhat boastful, self-aggrandising tendencies. Put some work into talking about what you’re doing in the world or extending your brand through social media. You’re usually a bit aloof, but all of this Aries heat around communication indicates an auspicious moment to turn your voice up to 11. Beware, however, of coming across as too heated in your self-presentation. The ram is ruled by Mars, which could lend some aggression to your words. You want to swagger, not swear. 

The reckless Aries sun lights up your money zone like a Tokyo arcade this season. Be careful. You and the ram can be bad with funds, but for different reasons. You spend out of selflessness, while Aries does so out of selfishness. Yet the result is the same: money stress. If you do end up outlying cash, though, the least you can do is align with the ego-centric energy of Aries and get yourself some stuff. Don’t go all Pisces and treat your friends to a month of brunch. If anyone should benefit from outlandish expenditures, at least let it be you.

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