Craving the outdoors? Watch this nature visualisation to satisfy feelings of biophilia


Take an immersive trip through the wild with Cities Without Houses Mexico City member Romina Cenisio and her brand Infinite Resort

By Romina Cenisio

After years of working in the fashion industry as a Creative Director, Romina Cenisio left the industry to focus on her connection with nature. With this goal in mind, Infinite Resort, a creative studio focusing on the link between humanity and nature, was born. As a mental health highlight, the Mexico City member created a nature visualisation video to calm your mind. 

Of all the colours humans can perceive on the spectrum, blue and green have the greatest emotional range. So, it would come as no surprise that they’re the most common colours of the natural world. For 50,000 generations, humans evolved in the great outdoors; unparalleled intelligence in nature is rivalled only barely by the technology that separates us from it, and yet we’ve just scratched the surface on our understanding of the symbiosis on our planet. 

From our lengthy evolution, views, smells, tastes and sounds of the wild were very recently replaced by concrete, fossil fuels, and air conditioning. But, in a sea of studies, science proves time and time again that humans benefit greatly from exposure to Mother Nature. Whatever sense you choose to immerse yourself in, simply being in the presence of the colour green, for example, stimulates your pituitary gland, muscles are relaxed, and blood histamine levels increase. Stress relieving and calming, it also improves creativity. It’s through many studies that I base my work off of, but it’s this intersection of science and art that Infinite Resort was developed.

Biophilia is a term to describe an innate affinity of life or living systems. The theory suggests that humans possess a tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Infusing visuals with audio to create a digital dance of symphonic sceneries, this four-minute video is meant to calm and, paradoxically, invigorate your senses while connecting you to the natural world. 

A study on the relationship between sight and sound, it uses a series of short videos filmed in various landscapes and ecosystems that are meant to bring you into the scenery. The feeling of laying in the grass while the sun wisps in and out of your eyes from swaying leaves above; the buzz of a bee zooming past your ear and landing on the flower in front of you. Covering micro shots of working ants and macro shots of gargantuan waterfalls, it serves as a visual treat for the eyes and an almost ticklish sensorial experience. It provides a much needed breath of virtual fresh air, as you are taken around the cinematic colour spectrum of our very own planet Earth.

Note: It’s recommended that you watch full screen with headphones on and no distractions. 

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