The Zodiac Dispatch: Libra season is here to help us buddy up

The Zodiac Dispatch: Libra season is here to help us buddy up | Soho House

This month member and astrologer, Clarisse Monahan, weighs in on the diplomatic energy of the zodiac’s most balanced and co-dependant sign

Thursday 22 September 2022   By Clarisse Monahan   Illustration by Evan Weselmann

They say that ‘Virginia is for lovers’, but we’re going to quibble with that claim and assert instead that Libra is. Ruled by Venus (planet of love, beauty and desire), Libra lords over marriage, crushes, partnerships, and significant others. Its symbol is the scales (balance, justice, fairness), its element is air, and its modality cardinal. 

The start to Libra season always coincides with the autumn equinox, a date when daylight and night-time are perfectly measured and equal. This sense of equality corresponds to Libra season’s energy more generally. Weighing other people’s viewpoints, diplomacy, even-handedness – these are all principles we should try to practise over the next few weeks. 

Unlike Aries season (an independent time), Libra’s reign is social, perhaps slightly co-dependant. Due to Venus’s influence, it’s also a season where we may be more drawn to beautiful people, places, and things. So, if you find yourself at the Louvre this month, marvelling for hours at the harmony of movement in ‘Diana of Versailles’, please thank Libra season for that. 

The sun lights up your selfhood zone this season. Unlike Leo, your nature tends to feel more empowered when you have a buddy or partner in crime with you riding shotgun. But the cosmos is saying this is the time to tilt your scales more towards your needs over the next few weeks. Don’t let your deliberate (some would say indecisive) Libra inclinations rule. Other signs need to learn to attune themselves to the delicate frequencies of partners and paramours. But your task is different: attune yourself to the song inside. Sometimes these are the hardest notes to hear. 

You like things dark and deep – like stopping by woods on a snowy evening. So, of all the signs, you might get a charge out of the Libra sun submerged in your 12th house of the unconscious, secrets and enemies over the next few weeks. While your nature can have trouble letting go of things, transits through this section of the chart usually ask you to do just that. In this regard, keep in mind that Libra energy works best in partnerships. Talk with a friend about some hang-ups to thereby transcend them. The full moon on 9 October betokens a good transit to get a load off your chest.  

With the social Libra sun transiting your friendship zone, prepare for some much-needed bonhomie over the next few weeks – but with a slight caveat. Your fiery nature (ruled by expansive Jupiter) can get a bit too opinionated and blustery. Now is not the time for that. Libra energy is inclusive, balanced and measured. It’s about the give and take. You can opine on politics in the privacy of your podcasts, but when you’re out on the tiles, be all ears – after all, your friend might have something important to tell you about their lives.

You are perhaps the most solitary of the signs, but with the social Libra sun energising your career zone, it’s time to buddy up on a work project and bounce ideas off each other. Expect success and recognition through dialogue, not monologue. A new moon on 26 September suggests a great day to approach a co-worker to start something, while the full moon in high-octane Aries on 9 October should provide you with the gusto to hit deadlines. And don’t worry – when Scorpio season approaches, you Capricorns can return to your removed lives, which loneliness clarifies. 

Your travel zone gets an infusion of Libra sunlight for the next few weeks. Seeing that the scales function best with a counterpart, this season might be a good time to get on the phone with a friend and light out for the territory. But taking off for distant lands doesn’t necessarily mean traveling to Tibet – it can also refer to journeys of the mind through higher order reading (gossip mags and horoscopes, alas, don’t count). So, if travel doesn’t seem desirable or possible, start a book club with someone instead and discuss the ending to The Wings Of The Dove.

‘Libra’s reign is social, perhaps slightly co-dependant. Due to Venus’s influence, it’s also a season where we may be more drawn to beautiful people, places, and things.’

The Libra sun lights up your intimacy zone (fantasies, shared finances and sex). On a deeper level, this part of the chart has to do with sharing, merging, coming together as one – all the things that your mutable, watery nature inclines towards anyhow. Rather than expecting others to merge with your elaborate fantasies, however, this transit is pushing you to find balance and harmony by weighing and attending to the needs of another. In the end, that’s what real intimacy is about. 

The cosmic focus for you this month is on your relationships – which, given your unilateral nature, could be a challenge but also a chance for some emotional development. Libra is all about attending to the other side of a debate and learning from it. For you, this means it’s time to tip the scales towards the ideas, opinions and grand visions of a business or romantic partner. The ultimate name of the Libra game is harmony – but harmony achieved by a chorus of voices rather than an ego-driven aria, Aries. 

You and Libra share the same ruling planet (lux Venus), so there is a kind of sympathy between your signs, especially when it comes to looking good. With the Libra sun lighting up your health and diet zone, make the season about strengthening your beauty regimen: new skin or haircare, new workout, or a slightly more stringent diet (no more gougéres after the charcoal grilled wagyu). The bottom line, focus on your health over the next few weeks. A new moon on 26 September indicates the best day of the season to hit the gym to start getting your reps in. 

The social Libra sun shimmies through your fun and romance zone. This part of the chart has to do with being out and about. It’s for creation (art), recreation (having a blast), and procreation (babies). Take advantage of this transit to frequent night clubs, museums, and galleries. Be in the mix even more than usual. Remember that Libra energy has to do with appreciating beautiful things, so put yourself in a position to do so. This month: Cancel Netflix. No chill. 

More than any other sign, you derive happiness from the hearth. With the harmonious Libra sun lighting up your home zone this season, mobilise this auspicious placement to add some love, warmth and beauty to your place as we head into autumn. Should you finally get around to repainting the living room a wonderful colour to brighten the mood? Indeed, you should. A new moon on 26 September suggests the best day of Libra’s reign to start a minor home project, while a full moon in energetic Aries on 9 October will give you the drive to finish it. 

Pretty words. Kind words. Sweet words. With the beautifying Libra sun highlighting your communication zone, focus on speaking with some sugar, no salt. This could be a bit difficult – you’re a very fiery sign that can be, shall we say, somewhat entitled. If Libra’s symbol is the scales, yours might be a gem-encrusted throne. But favour the scales this season and strive for balanced sentences, like those of reverend Dr Samuel Johnson: ‘Love is the wisdom of the fool, and the folly of the wise.’

Let’s face it: you can be a little fussy. Maybe even uptight? But let loose a little bit this season. Why? With the somewhat indulgent Libra sun in your money zone, the cosmos is suggesting that you could spend some cash on something nice. An elegant pair of trousers? A sensible pair of flats? After the neat-freakery of your season last month, you’ve earnt the right to a bit of splurge. A new moon on 26 September marks a nice transit for a little shopping spree. Think sensible but fun and in line with your nature. 

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