House horoscopes: Scorpio’s witching hour has arrived

House horoscopes: Scorpio's witching hour has arrived | Soho House

Ruled by competitive and caffeinated Mars, Scorpio season promises a dark and erotic affair, says astrologer and Soho House member, Clarisse Monahan

Sunday 23 October 2022   By Clarisse Monahan   Illustration by Margaux Bigou

Welcome to Scorpio season, whose element is water, whose modality is fixed, and whose energy is obsessive. Scorpio has a dark arts vibe. It’s associated with the occult, libido, and sexual melodrama. As such, it’s the witchiest, most eroticised, and most intense time of the zodiac calendar. 

Ruled by competitive and caffeinated Mars, Scorpio is not for flakiness, but rather for forming deep and at times emotionally fraught bonds with the objects of its fixations. Known for strategy, plotting and scheming, it’s ultimately a secretive sign, preferring the nocturnal hours to the bourgeois light of day. 

Over the next few weeks, everyone will be feeling the impact of the Scorpio sun whose light doesn’t so much illuminate as it interrogates. Fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo) will feel this season of compulsions more than others, such as watery Pisces and Cancer. If Libra season was about balance, Scorpio’s is about excess – putting too much weight on the scales, rather than just enough. 

House horoscopes: Scorpio's witching hour has arrived | Soho House


The sun lights up your ego zone for your season, where it will be joined by Venus (love and beauty) until mid-November. The sun and Venus here indicate an extra strong impulse towards caring for yourself without the harsh sting of self-reproach that can come from your ruling planet, angry Mars. Welcome this softening Venusian energy into your life for the next three weeks. That said, be aware of the troublesome new moon solar eclipse on 25 October in your house of ego. You could feel lost that day, like the sun itself during the eclipse. A second eclipse occurs on 8 November in your relationship sector. Although the moon will be in stable Taurus, wildcard Uranus will be very close to it in the sky. Use the innovative Uranus energy to break out of any lulls in your romantic life. All in all, a very powerful but intense month of transits. But would your nature have it any other way?


The Scorpio sun camps out in your tricky zone of the unconscious, secrets, and hidden enemies until 22 November. This solar transit is the symbolic dark before the bright dawn of one’s season. It’s a time of introspection and elusive meanings. While Cancer or Scorpio is happy in this realm, your quick-changing, fiery nature takes little pleasure here. Nonetheless, there is a lesson to be learnt. This part of the chart asks you to operate on the level of emotion rather than intellect. Use this inward transit to work through what you’re really feeling about work, romance, and home (rather than what you’re merely telling yourself). 


This Scorpio Sun will train its interrogation light on the friendship section of your chart. Scorpio intensifies, so you may be feeling extra needy for and around friends (which isn’t characteristic of your more reserved nature). Happily, for everyone in your orbit, Venus will be transiting your friend zone, too. Venus loves to be in this part of the chart and it will take some of the obsessive edge off Scorpio’s stinger. Be aware, though, of the difficult new moon solar eclipse in your friend zone on 25 October. This might be a day where you, like the eclipsed Sun itself, could feel shrouded and overly sensitive around a BFF, misinterpreting sweet deeds or actions as sour ones. The total lunar eclipse happening on 8 November is much nicer and heats up your romance and sex zone. 


A month to focus on your career, as the intense Scorpio sun, Venus (charm) and Mercury (communication) activate this aspect of your chart. Scorpio energy will provide the drive to put in long hours, while Venus’s caress and Mercury’s wheeling and dealing portends some beneficial sweet talking, especially around reputation and public self. Venus in this part of the chart indicates social recognition for hard work. However, an intense new moon solar eclipse in your career zone on 25 October augurs a day where you might come across as extra prickly. 


The Scorpio sun energises your zone of travel, spirituality and higher learning this season. Given Scorpio’s darker tendencies, you may find yourself drawn to literature of a more occult nature (did somebody say The Book Of Thoth?). Ultimately, you and Scorpio get along very well – both signs push past limits and are characterised by a kind of excess – so embrace this season in all its outlandish grandeur. With a new moon solar eclipse shaking up the higher learning area of your chart on 25 October, this might be a good time to start looking into grad school applications or maybe just an online learning course to bolster your knowledge base. 


The occult Scorpio sun will be transiting your zone of intimacy, sex and transformation. What’s more, it will be accompanied by sweet and loving Venus. These two transits suggest intensified sexual desire that may involve an interest in erotic ceremony. The co-presence of Venus and the Scorpio sun, however, could also confuse or intermingle sexual appetites with feelings of love. Be aware of that moving forward into this season. A new moon solar eclipse on 25 October further heats up your intimacy zone. This marks a particularly rich transit to explore forms of intimacy beyond vanilla pleasures. 


The Scorpio sun lights up your partnership sector this season. With emotionally intense Scorpio vibes in full effect, this placement could mean some hard-edged conversations with a spouse or business crony. Luckily, Venus, the cosmic sweetener, will also be present in your partnership zone to temper Scorpio’s energy somewhat. Keep in mind that the Big Sting lends us drive (both sexual and work-related), meaning you’ll have more gusto for bedroom and boardroom. A new moon solar eclipse on 25 October in your partnership zone suggests a day and night where you could feel slighted by the words or actions of a spouse or workmate. Don’t retaliate (Scorpio energy). Stay steady, as is your nature. 


You’ve got the Scorpio sun lighting up your zone of routine and diet. The Stinger tends to make everything a little weird – even the daily grind – so welcome its influence. Get a bit obsessive about your work or workout routines. Remember that Scorpio loves the dark, so if you stay up late on the job, play some eerie acid jazz to deepen the mood, while coding or catering. Heed, too, the new moon solar eclipse on 25 October in your routine sector. New moons are moments to approach the world in a different way. This one is even more intense than usual. Radically switch something up that day, as it relates to work or diet.


Lust (some call it love) is in the air for you this month. The ribald Scorpio sun lights up your fun and romance zone, which deals with recreation (tavern life), procreation (fertility), and creation (artistic). This transit fits like a hand in a glove or a sword in a stone. So, with Scorpio’s erotic (and phallic) stinger shaking the cosmos, this season betokens a time for fertile thoughts and thoughts about fertility. Act accordingly. The new moon solar eclipse on the 25th in your romance sector points towards a particularly ripe transit for the collision of bawdiness and bodies.


The intense Scorpio sun highlights your home zone this season. Scorpio loves inner worlds, your outer ones. As such, you may be feeling a bit stifled by this interior energy. Expect tensions and arguments with roommates and/ or partners around trivial things like who used up all the dishwashing detergent, which is, of course, just a metonym for you not feeling loved or appreciated enough around the house. The new moon solar eclipse on 25 October in your home zone brings a particularly vexed day – fights about coffee rinds left in the sink look imminent. Try to get a lot of fresh air around this intense transit.


The Scorpio sun lights up your communication zone, where it will be joined by your ruling planet, silver-tongued Mercury on 29 October. Mercury has been wobbly with a retrograde, but now it’s all sorted and moving direct and unencumbered. Scorpio energy is great for brainstorming and constructing elaborate plots. It’s the ‘Better Call Saul’ placement, when located in your communication zone. Start developing characters or plans with complex, far- reaching arcs. The new moon solar eclipse on 25 October marks a particularly fruitful day to begin a writing project or to disrupt an old one that has stalled out. 


Money, money, money. Money. The Scorpio sun, which loves to dig deep into all matters, including those financial, will be lighting up your cash zone this season. What’s more, you’ve got a new moon and full moon in parts of your chart dealing with finances, too. As an air sign, you can be somewhat breezy with funds, but Scorpio wants to strategise about ways to make and keep dough. Welcome this strategic energy into your pocketbook. On the 8th, a full moon in your zone of shared finances indicates that a debt could be repaid to you or owed to someone else. This is the area of your chart related to tax, other people’s money, inheritance, and loans.

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