Soho horoscopes: Find your sense of adventure this Sagittarius season

Soho Horoscopes: find your sense of adventure this Sagittarius season

This month, astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan, taps into the free-spirited energy of the zodiac’s risk-taker

Tuesday 22 November 2022   By Clarisse Monahan   Illustration by Meredith Schomburg

After the dark sorcery of Scorpio season, we will all be welcoming the fun and optimism of Sagittarius, whose element is fire, whose modality is mutable, and whose energy is generous, adventurous, and opinionated. Also known as the Archer, Sagittarius is represented by the image of the centaur, a half man/ half horse hybrid whose arrow forever points heavenward. 

Ultimately, a complex, dual-bodied sign, we may feel more torn than usual during this season between Sadge’s philosophical side (captured by its raised bow and arrow) and its animal instincts (emblematised by its hard-driving horsey half). Ruled by benefic Jupiter, Sagittarius takes on that planet’s philanthropy, larger-than-life excess, and love of risk-taking and wisdom. Coinciding with the holiday season, Sadge’s reign, in its best form, is about charity – a time for recognising and giving to the ‘we’ rather than giving in to the egoistic pleasures of the ‘I’.


Your ruling planet, jolly Jupiter, is well-placed in compassionate Pisces (also Jupiter-ruled). What’s more, lovely Venus dallies in your selfhood zone along with the exuberant Sagittarius sun until 9 December (before Planet Love traipses into your money zone). This is all to say that if transits were people, your outlook this month equates to having all your best friends over for mezcal cocktails out on the patio. The advice: have your best friends over for mezcal cocktails. This is a social and devil-may-care season for you. Indeed, Venus loves to flirt, host and dazzle, especially when well-placed like it is in your sign for the next couple of weeks. A full moon in chatty Gemini on 7 December augurs the best day for those drinks with pals. 


You’ve got the questing Sagittarius sun lighting up your zone of the unconscious, which deals with secrets, private affairs, and undoing. So, while the sun in Sagittarius generally loves adventure, it can feel lost or directionless in this part of the chart (like a suburban family all confused in Rio on holiday). Suffice to say, this isn’t a good month for striking out on spontaneous journeys. Instead, look to feel aligned to the energy of the season in other ways. For one, Sagittarius has a penchant for philosophy and a love of wisdom. Therefore, this is a kind of ‘know thyself’ transit – introspective and bookish. A new moon in Sagittarius on 23 November indicates your best day to initiate a project. With the Archer’s philosophical proclivities in mind, maybe revisiting a classic or two of Greek thought is in order. May I suggest Plato’s Timaeus.


With the giving Sagittarius sun activating your friend zone all season, make time for your confidants. Listen to their romance sagas, regale them with a tall tale, take them out for drinks – but, above all, be present. Your nature tends toward the somewhat distant, contemplating abstract entities like humanity over the lived experience of the up close and personal. Descend from your cerebral tower and gallivant amid the bawdy revelry of tavern life (which is quintessential Sagittarius energy, after all). A new moon on 23 November in your friendship zone augurs the best day of the month to set your friend schedule, while a full moon in chatterbox Gemini on 7 December marks a particularly social day, both to take a BFF out for Margaritas and to commiserate together over hangovers the next day. 


You have two major, though ultimately interrelated transits to think about this season. First, Jupiter goes direct in your sign for the next couple of months (before leaving for 12 years). Second, the sun in Sagittarius activates your career zone. Jupiter favours risk-taking, and with its strong placement in your selfhood sector the question is, are you feeling lucky? Do you want to risk some change in your own life? If so, where? Well, the Sadge sun in your career zone could be a place to start thinking. Is it time to make a bet on yourself and do something more in line with your dreamy Pisces nature? The stars are very powerful for you at the moment, but you need to make the first move. 


Sagittarius is a good-time sign. Las Vegas is one of its middle names. And with the Sadge sun lighting up your travel zone this season, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a little bit of impromptu sojourning yourself. Risk-taking (as well as fun and spontaneous hijinks) are all being indicated over the next few weeks. And yet, the travel sector of the chart also has to do with higher learning (that is, flights of the mind). If one of the Archer’s middle names is Las Vegas, its other one is something like Aristotle. So, if a spontaneous trip seems onerous, activate the philosophical side of Sagittarius and get deep into some challenging prose to expand your inner life over the next few weeks.   

Soho Horoscopes: find your sense of adventure this Sagittarius season


Your intimacy zone is all lit up by the adventurous Sadge sun this season. Lucky you. Intimacy is all about sharing thoughts, feelings and fantasies (erotic and otherwise). It’s also about giving –and no sign is more imbued with the spirit of generosity than Sagittarius. Think about ways that you can be more selfless in bed. Ultimately, intimacy functions by way of a complex logics, where giving is receiving, and receiving is giving. Let’s just put it this way: whatever intimacy is, the Sagittarius sun in this part of your chart is an ideal placement to better understand its intricacies. A full moon in social Gemini on 7 December foretells a nice night to get away from the boudoir and head with friends to the bar instead. 


This season is all about partnerships for you, as the optimistic Sagittarius sun highlights your relationship zone. What’s more, lovely Venus will be making a cameo in this part of your chart until 9 December. Cosmic bonus points. You should be feeling more positive about love and your partner (if you’re coupled) or about your romantic prospects (if you’re single). Not into romance at the moment? Not an issue: the relationship zone also deals with business partners, so if you’re wanting to make professional strides, Venus and the Sadge sun will bestow bonhomie. Keep in mind that this is a generous sun in Sagittarius, so focus on giving time, affection or attention to whatever relationships you most want to cultivate this season. 


The exuberant Sagittarius sun lights up your diet, workout and health zone. Overall solid news, of course. But a caveat here, nonetheless: Sagittarius energy can get too enthusiastic about stuff. Accordingly, over the next few weeks you might find yourself more engaged in the gym and coming home from workouts feeling exhausted. Curb your enthusiasm by watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Work/play balance is key for you now. Be positive about diet and health (good Sadge), but avoid excess (bad Sadge). A new moon in the Archer on 23 November indicates a great day right at the beginning of the season to start getting physical. 


The excessive Sagittarius sun burns through your fun and romance zone this season. This part of the chart deals with creation, procreation and recreation (of course, these three are often linked). With this extra Sagittarius energy activating these areas, you might be wanting to gallivant about the night even more than usual. The question becomes: is it the right time for you to play with fire? The fun zone in one’s chart can lead one down the primrose path or up to sublime creative heights. A productive strategy would be to close out the year strong: use this influx of exuberant Sagittarius energy for your artist studio, not Studio 54. 


The Sagittarius sun activates your home zone. The Archer stands for mutable energy, so be open to the prospect of changing things up around your abode. Have things gotten a bit stale there? Does the art on the walls no longer elicit joy? Come to think of it, is there anything on the walls at all? Or are they bare and forlorn? As a loud sign, Sadge’s influence might be to go bold with a colour choice on a wall or two to make your home more fun and festive for the holidays. The new moon in Sagittarius on 23 November portends the best day of the month to start a little interiors project. A celebratory full moon in social Gemini on 7 December marks a strong transit to have friends over to gaze in awe at your new wonder wall. 


Both your ruling planet, ritzy Venus, and the bold sun in Sadge will be moving in tandem through your communication zone until 9 December (at which point Venus waltzes into the part of your chart dealing with home and security). For the next few weeks, then, think of this Venus/ sun placement as a time for enhanced sweetness and fortune around words. Is there something you’ve been needing to say to a friend, lover or boss? Venus will add sugar to your communication and Sadge luck to its intended results (especially with Jupiter excellently placed in Pisces). A new moon in Sagittarius conjunct Venus on 23 November promises an especially wonderful day to pen a letter (or text) to someone you want to show love to. 


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go – and with your money sector highlighted by the exuberant Sagittarius sun, you may want to outlay big funds for friends and family. Just keep in mind that the Sadge sun is not for cutting coupons. It wants to give and gallivant, which is good, but make sure your pocketbook is game. Let’s also be fair here. Jupiter rules the Archer, and with Planet Luck well-placed in Pisces you may be more prone to spend, but you could also receive some unexpected financial windfall. Jupiter energy is all about nice surprises.