The Soho House guide to the Chicago Marathon

The Soho House guide to the Chicago Marathon | Soho House

In the third of our autumn marathon series, member Ruben Bartolomé shares the film, the food and the recovery treatments that will feature in his trip to the Windy City

Sunday 2 October 2022 By Tilly Pearman

Today, Ruben Bartolomé – a member of Soho House’s very own digital team – is making a special trip across the pond to Chicago. He’s meeting two of his best friends – both locals – and together they’ll run in the city’s 44th marathon on Sunday 9 October.

Joining an estimated 40,000 people – a mix of seasoned athletes, newbies and Soho House members alike – Bartolomé and his running buddies are getting ready to charge around Chicago’s notoriously pancake-flat course, where fast times are almost guaranteed. 

That’s not to say it’ll be easy. Having faced Berlin’s marathon route last year, Bartolomé understands the physical and mental challenges that can come with such an enduring sport. That’s why we asked him – the team’s most upbeat and motivating member – to share some essential tips for anyone running (or visiting) the Windy City next weekend. 

Read on to find out how he’ll be tapping into the local community, fuelling his body, and enjoying Soho House Chicago after he cruises (or staggers) past that all-important finish line. 

The Soho House guide to the Chicago Marathon | Soho House

My shake-out run route
‘Although Chicago isn’t my hometown, running in another city is such a great way to experience it and quicky make new connections. My friends, who I’ll be running with, have been training in the local area for the past six months, so I’m relying on them to lead our shake-out run around Belmont Harbour and Lincoln Park. Soho House members can also join fellow member and former professional athlete, Kayla Jetter, on Wednesday 5 October for Soho Run Club – a three-mile run through the city.’

Where to carb-load
‘I can’t think of anything better than a pasta dish for pre-race carb-loading – I’ll be going for the Rigatoni at Soho House Chicago’s club restaurant. On the morning of the marathon, I’m aiming for 1.5g to 2.5g of carbs for every 1kg of body weight, three to four hours before the race. I’ll then have a smaller carbohydrate snack, like a banana or some bread, one hour before it starts.’
Pre-race sleep tips 
‘The night before, I’ll have a light dinner and watch The Ultimate Triathlon with my friends – it’s a motivational documentary about a man’s journey from Morocco to Monaco, travelling 2,000km in 12 days. After that there are no excuses to not finish a 42km marathon.’

The Soho House guide to the Chicago Marathon | Soho House

Songs that will be on my marathon playlist
‘Three tracks that’ll keep anyone moving, no matter where you are: “Alle Tiders” by Klaas, “You Know” by Wolfhowl, and “Teenage Crime” by Yves V. However, the most powerful soundtrack that will truly motivate me is the one recorded by my very own family and friends.’

Favourite part of the marathon course
‘It would have to be at mile 15, because that’s where Mel Holmes, Soho House’s Head of Membership and Communications, and the fellow Soho House community will be based to cheer us on and capture some great photos of all the members taking part.’

Where to celebrate afterwards
‘If my friends and I finish injury-free, it’ll definitely be time to celebrate. I will no doubt devour a large deep-dish pizza (I am in Chicago, after all). And then, if my legs have any remaining energy, I’ll be taking myself to Soho House Chicago for a cheeky Picante (or several).’

Best way to recover post marathon
‘Keep moving after the finish line. Gentle walking is great as it helps to de-stress your muscles, and progressively brings new oxygen and nutrients back to the body. The Cowshed spa at Soho House Chicago also has some great recovery packages. I’ll be booking in for the ‘Heal Package’ that features a 90-minute CBD massage combined with LED Light Therapy that’ll be great to help reduce inflammation and combat muscle fatigue.’ 

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