Why are you still working out in your airless living room?

Why are you still working out in your airless living room? | Soho House

Catch an IRL yoga sunrise, try breathwork beneath the moon, or sweat it out poolside. As summer nears, it’s time to take your training outside

Thursday 19 May 2022     By Tilly Pearman

Few things are as naturally endorphin-inducing as an outdoor workout. Fresh air, wide open space and sunshine, make even public enemy number one – our dear friend the burpee – seem ever so slightly less murderous. There is also the added bonus of a chance to work on that tan (warning: choose your activewear wisely) or to take that strategically angled, coveted shot: legs erect, peak handstand, seemingly floating against a cloudless azure sky that tells everyone in one thumb-stopping image that you a) have a better gym than them, and b) you have some serious skills. Yes, it may be a shameless chance to show off a little, but when you’ve got city rooftops, ocean-lined beaches and open-air pools to choose from, why wouldn’t you? 

Whether you’re a beach yogi looking for an IRL sunrise or a HIIT-lover who prefers to take their mountain climbers poolside, we’ve rounded up our favourite outdoor workouts that are taking centre stage in our Soho Health Clubs across the globe.

Why are you still working out in your airless living room? | Soho House

The beach workout

Beach Vinyasa Flow with Adi Levy
Soho Beach House, every Monday at 8.30am

Taking place next to the ocean, this guided energising flow promises to strengthen your body, increase flexibility, and improve your mental focus. Can there really be a better way to start the day? We think not.

HIIT with Natasha Pinero
Little Beach House Malibu, launching Wednesday 1 June

HIIT sessions are notoriously sweaty and this one’s no different. Add in the natural heat from the sun, minus the usual studio A/C, and you may wonder why anyone would willingly choose to do planks and squat jumps on a beach. The answer? The ocean. A quick post-workout dip is optional, but highly recommended.

Breath and Beats with Lia Ikkos
Soho Roc House, Tuesday 24 May at 11am

If sweating it out in the sun is not your vibe, then take a moment to recover and journey into a restful place of consciously connected breathing. There’s even a live DJ playing music for a fully immersive moment of pure bliss.

Why are you still working out in your airless living room? | Soho House
Why are you still working out in your airless living room? | Soho House

The rooftop workout

Barre with Mirana Menzies
White City House, every Wednesday at 7am

Enjoy that classic barre burn with a city view, as you flex and point those feet and rhythmically pulse to the beat, poolside. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, the 7am start will mean you can bag a spot for that refreshing juice and breakfast you’re looking forward to afterwards.

Full Moon and Eclipse Yoga
Soho House Istanbul, bi-monthly starting Monday 16 May at 7.30pm

Sometimes we all need a moment to ground and reconnect. Tapping into the cyclical energy of the moon, this rooftop yoga, breath and meditation class is set with a view to the open sky, making the journey even more magical.

Flow Yoga with Marlee George
Soho House Chicago, every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am

You can’t beat a sunrise yoga class where you actually see the sun rise. Feel your energy sky-rocket as you link breath with a vigorous and mindful flow to truly awaken the mind and body.

Wellness Wednesdays with Black Om
Soho Warehouse DTLA, every Wednesday at 8am

Mixing it up between Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt, Mat Pilates and Martial Asana, you can opt for a lucky dip, or check the schedule ahead of time to book your weekly self-care class, held poolside on the Roof.

Woman floating in a pool

The pool workout

Water Aerobics with Jakki Young
Soho Beach House, every Thursday at 8am

If your mind just drifted to senior citizens in community centre pools, or to a 1980s-style music video, complete with high-cut one pieces, then rest assured this pool class is nothing like it – although we do think the latter would be fun. Giving you an effective low-impact cardio workout, combining muscular conditioning with interval training, Water Aerobics is officially cool again.

Water Pilates with Ginger Harris
Soho Beach House, every Wednesday at 8am

Why stay in the studio doing your Pilates swimmers exercise when you can practise them in an actual pool. Hitting up all your major muscle groups, this class will tone, strengthen, condition, and lengthen your entire body. 

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