Unconventional eyebrows are your hottest new accessory

Unconventional eyebrows are your hottest new accessory | Soho House

Pencil-thin, bleached out or completely hairless? We’re saying goodbye to well-manicured brows, and welcoming a new era of dramatic face-framers

Saturday 24 September 2022   By Tilly Pearman

If brows are the scaffolding of the face, then we’re currently ripping it down and reconstructing with a creative burst of colour, glitter and smiley face emojis. Intent on grabbing our attention, brows are no stranger to the beauty spotlight, only this time they’re breaking the conventional rules with a feisty rebellion to our laminated, feathered and perfectly groomed face-shapers.

Whether you take inspiration from Doja Cat’s playful twist on the pencil-thin, hairless brow, or follow beauty maverick Isamaya Ffrench and her disobedient play on the unruly slit, there has never been a better time to experiment, and perhaps, raise a middle finger to the archetypal ideals of the past. 

To get you up to speed on the latest trends, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite new looks to rouse – should you dare – your next dramatic brow fetish.
Unconventional eyebrows are your hottest new accessory | Soho House
The look: party glitter brows

Who’s doing it: Aaron de Mey for Peter Do
Coming soon (no doubt) to every festive party, these strong glitter framers shift the Euphoria-led sparkle from eyes and lips, landing a statement glitz onto brows that we predict will become winter’s hottest new accessory. Sparkling down the runway of the Peter Do SS23 show, brows turned silver, pink, red and blue; the perfect contrast to pop against the Vietnamese designer’s monochromatic collection. To recreate the look, de Mey suggests brushing brows upwards before coating them in a layer of lash glue. Next, he dabs on a large-textured glitter using a cotton bud as an applicator. To mop up any fall-out, some household Sellotape does the trick.
Unconventional eyebrows are your hottest new accessory | Soho House
The look: rebellious slit brows

Who’s doing it: Isamaya Ffrench for Poster Girl
If you’re of an age when eyebrow piercing and the subsequent scar tissue ‘slit’ means anything to you, then you’ll understand the make-up inspiration at Poster Girl’s SS23 runway show. Conceptualised by beauty maverick, Isamaya Ffrench, the rebellious and undeniably striking look nods to the creative make-up artist’s preference for the unconventional. Taking sections of the brow, Ffrench uses her very own Browlacq Brow Laminator, to slick brows up into neat, glossy spikes. Not too dissimilar to the effect of brow lamination, this look is all about the upward sweep, but welcomes a stylised twist that will grant you that devious and fashion-forward edge.
Unconventional eyebrows are your hottest new accessory | Soho House
The look: skinny emoji brows

Who’s doing it: Doja Cat
Admittedly, shaving off your eyebrows is the boldest and most dramatic move you can make. But, if like the fantasy-loving rap artist, Doja Cat, you fancy the liberation of a blank canvas, then a fully plucked brow may be your ideal starting point. Once you’re hair free, this look is all about the rounded, crescent moon arches à la 1930s Hollywood; think pencil-thin and arched above the pupil – and whatever you do, keep it symmetrical. Finally, to bring a playful expression to your brows, paint in your favourite emoji mid arch. For Doja’s it’s mini love hearts, apples, flowers and the classic smiley face; unsurprisingly, we’d opt for that Picante chilli.
Unconventional eyebrows are your hottest new accessory | Soho House
The look: bleached out brows

Who’s doing it: Hayley Bieber, Julia Fox, FKA Twigs, Kim Kardashian
Bleached brows may not be new, but despite making their shocking debut post lockdown (Pinterest reported a 160% year-on-year increase in searches for the bleached eyebrow in 2021), the dramatic, celebrity-endorsed favourite shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. So, if you’re yet to blank out your brows like Julia Fox and co, and you’re in the game for an instantaneous transformation (trust us, you will look different), then be sure to do your research first. Bleaching brows at home can be dangerous. If you’re not seeking professional help, then this tutorial with Isamaya Ffrench is a good place to start. Alternatively, if you’re looking to dip your toe in the water first, thankfully there are now plenty of non-permanent options to conceal your brows, such as this Brow Engineer by Alexis Stone.
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