The Soho House guide to the Berlin Marathon

On the run: a Soho House guide to the Berlin marathon | Soho House

Kicking off our autumn marathon series, lululemon ambassador, Eugen Schiller, shares his tips and favourite House moments to see you through those 26.2 miles

Sunday 18 September 2022      By Tilly Pearman

Officially kicking off autumn’s marathon season, the German capital is the location for the first of our four-part mini-series. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing insider tips, practical advice and personal motivation from local members in London, New York and Chicago. 

Whether you’re taking part in any of these marathons (or any other race for that matter), or simply want to explore these cities through running, our member-curated guides will help uncover the local sights and steer you to the best gym classes, spa treatments, restaurant offerings and member events for whenever you’re at the House

First up, we sat down with Eugen Schiller – a lululemon ambassador and world-class runner – who proves that running needn’t be a boring or solo sport. Performing wherever he can, Schiller’s stage has seen him run across a desert, a techno festival and spontaneously through the night to another city entirely. But in his hometown of Berlin, the KRAFT Runners founder – one of Germany’s largest running communities – shares with us his love for the Spree River, why Vaseline should be in everyone’s pre-race backpack, and why he thinks active recovery most certainly includes dancing.

For more tips, alongside how Soho House Berlin can support you before and after the finish line, read on for Schiller’s personal guide to the Berlin Marathon.

On the run: a Soho House guide to the Berlin marathon | Soho House
On the run: a Soho House guide to the Berlin marathon | Soho House

My shake-out run route
‘Whenever I stay at the House, I love to run to the Spree River. It’s a beautiful place to run, because you really don’t feel like you’re in the city. The route is about 4km in total, which is perfect for a shake-out run the day before.’

Favourite sightseeing walk
‘I love to explore Prenzlauer Berg. It’s close to Soho House, and no matter who you are, you’ll always find something of interest. From coffee shops to bookshops, fashion stores or small bars it’s got a great vibe, which is something I always look for, whatever city I’m in.’ 

Where to carb-load
‘Cecconi’s is hosting a runner’s pasta feast, which can be a really great way to meet fellow runners and connect to the running community. I always like to eat with friends and family the night before the race, but instead of pasta I’ll probably be going for pizza or potatoes.’

Three items in my pre-race bag…
‘A fresh kit of clothes – I take what I like to call my perfect “Sunday clothes”; super comfy and breathable.

‘Comfortable shoes – it’s important to allow the feet to breathe after such a long distance. I always bring my lululemon’s Restfeel slides, because they’re light to carry and really comfy.

‘Vaseline – this a game-changer for anyone who has ever ran more than 30km. I apply it pre-race to every part of my body where the skin can chafe.’

On the run: a Soho House guide to the Berlin marathon | Soho House
On the run: a Soho House guide to the Berlin marathon | Soho House

Pre-race sleep tips 
‘It’s crucial not to eat too much, or too late. You don’t want to put extra stress on your digestive system. That said, you don’t want to be too strict on yourself, either. Try to relax and don’t overstress yourself with any unnecessary pressure. Practices to calm the mind such as yoga, meditation and sound healing are great. On Thursdays at 9am, the Soho House gym runs a meditation class, but if you really want to relax, incorporating a massage within your training taper, and even post-race, is a must.’

Time I’m aiming for 
‘My record was 2.43 a few years ago, but let’s go with 2.55.’

Any advice for someone aiming for a personal best?
‘Stay positive. When you start, try not to focus on the few kilometres you already ran, but on how much you’ve already achieved. And wear comfortable clothes – your nipples will thank you.’

Where to celebrate post-marathon
‘After popping home for a quick rest, I’ll be eating something very unhealthy (maybe a Dirty Burger), but then I’ll be clubbing until the next morning either at the House, Kater Blau or Watergate.’
Best way to recover 
‘Any form of active recovery is great for the body. That could be yoga or just some simple stretching, but the more you can do the better. I’ll be dancing late into the night, but for anyone up the day after the marathon, there’s a great recovery yoga class in the House gym at 9am.’


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