It’s now possible to get your soul tattooed. Yup

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Spiritual body art is going viral. Here are the three key things to know about your next inked out healing trip

Wednesday 10 August 2022     By Rose Boulton     Photography by Stewart Taylor

2022 has, for many netizens, been a year of harnessing the powers of spirituality to help them manifest – and live – their best lives. Case in point on TikTok, a video from psychic medium Julianna Mallozzi (or @electrasoul444) went viral after it explored the idea that where we place our tattoos has significant spiritual impact on us. Sure.

With 1.9 million views and counting, Mallozzi puts the video’s success down to the fact that many of us are becoming more mindful of the way in which energy flows through our bodies. ‘Tattoos are able to seal in positive energy, so people want to be sure that they’re manifesting only the best for themselves,’ she says. ‘Good energy attracts good energy, and everybody wants that.’

The art of spiritual tattooing is niche, of course, but it’s growing in popularity as Los Angeles-based soul tattooist, Ashley River Brant attests. With clients worldwide, she describes her process – ceremonial tattooing – as a multidimensional form of healing. ‘These are one-of-a-kind channelled tattoos designed to heal, liberate and anchor more of your soul’s true essence into the body. They are sacred talismans and carry potent vibrational medicine that can create transformational shifts for their wearer.’

Brant’s delicate tattoos – which she has been creating for more than seven years – act, in her words, as therapeutic medicine that goes much deeper than the art you see on the surface, and is entirely unique to each person. Working with Brant is about much more than just the tattoo itself; from intention setting to aura reading, the ceremonial process is rigorous and centres on deep healing and transformation.

‘We also discuss the energy body, the physical body and meridians to align the design to a place it can best support the client’s personal healing and intentions – during the process, most clients fall into a deep meditative state, while others can have big emotional releases, awareness shifts and even healing from trauma,’ says Brant.

So, what do you need to know about spiritual and soul tattoos? And should you get one?

1. Where you place your tattoo is significant 
As mentioned, since a tattoo is set in place for life, it will have an energetic effect on your being, explains Mallozzi. Subsequently, factors such as the artwork itself, where it’s placed and its meaning should all be considered for optimal good vibes throughout life. ‘Each body part has a different spiritual effect on the soul – placing your tattoo accordingly could quite literally change the entire energy of that one tattoo,’ says Mallozzi. ‘If it’s positioned on a seemingly “negative” or energetically imbalanced part of the body, it might feel off, or like it does not belong in that area.’

For example, a tattoo on your throat represents communication, and is from where you speak your truth, so it should be representative of something you want to communicate. If you get a tattoo on your shoulders, however, you should opt for something that represents the ‘casting away of burdens’. Every part of the body can be powerful, but it depends on what’s going on for you as to where is best, explains Brant, who says that some placements are more activating than others. ‘Lately I have been tattooing a lot of legs, thighs and hips, which has been showing me how ready my clients are to step into their creative passions and activate their inner fire,’ she adds.

2. Think of it as a ceremonial experience
‘There is so much medicine in the placements of your tattoos – when you pierce the skin during a session, you are creating a portal of energy to flow into that area of the body,’ explains Brant. ‘This means the energy of the art, artist, environment, thoughts, beliefs, intentions and even the music playing while you get inked are all imprinted into your skin and aura.’ Every element of this work is meaningful to the process, so Brant recommends taking it all into consideration before you book in.

3. Create a design that can carry energetic signatures
The ultimate soul tattoo is a marriage of placement and artwork, and it’s up to each individual to gauge what is best for them, although it goes without saying that choosing something that has meaning is a good idea. While Mallozzi recommends getting your favourite angel number – a series of repeating numbers, which you’ll recognise if you see them regularly during everyday life – because they’re ‘specific to each person’s spiritual journey’, Brant uses meditation and intuition, as well as her reading of a client’s aura, to guide the inception of the tattoo and its creation.

‘Soul Tattoo designs carry the energetic signatures of plant medicine, sacred symbolism, animal allies, light language, ancient coding, or any other symbolic medicine that is channelled to support and guide the client for their highest good,’ says Brant, who says she is very connected with the natural world, so plants and other natural elements are often key parts of her work.

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