Seven easy ways to brighten up your Blue Monday

Seven easy ways to brighten up your Blue Monday | Soho House

It’s said to be the most depressing day of the year, but here’s how you can find a little joy around our Houses

Monday 16 January 2023    By Chloe Lawrance

It comes but once a year: Blue Monday, the third Monday of January, dubbed as such because it marks the day we’re collectively at our gloomiest. The theory goes that as the end of January nears, the last of our money, our resolve to follow through on ‘new year, new me’ goals, and our patience for the onset of spring entirely disappears. 
In part, Blue Monday is something of a man-made marketing concept – the term was coined by psychologist Cliff Arnall back in 2004 as part of a press campaign for travel firm Sky Travel. But there’s no denying that this time of year does feel rather underwhelming. So, if you’re on the hunt for something to cheer you up today, and for the rest of month, look no further than our pick of the best activities, food and music to add a little joy back into January.
1. Indulge in good food
A steaming bowl of something delicious is a sure-fire way to boost your serotonin levels. If getting into cooking is top of your new year to-do list, carve out some time in your kitchen; our City, Country, Coast book is packed with tips and recipes inspired by the Houses, from an easy chicken supper to mixing a Smoky Negroni. Or, take a night off and head up to the rooftop of 40 Greek Street to enjoy a selection of warming Japanese dishes by The Table instead.
2. Make laughter the best medicine
There’s no greater stress relief than a good belly laugh; it releases endorphins, aids relaxation and has even been shown to improve your immune system. If rewatching your favourite comedy movie just won’t cut it, how about a night of live jokes instead? Sign up to the House Comedy event at Shoreditch House for an evening of laughter courtesy of some of the best comedians on the UK circuit.
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3. Get your blood pumping
We get it. Spending your Monday night pounding the treadmill won’t appeal to everyone, but getting your body moving is certain to lift a low mood. If the gym isn’t really your thing, take this as your cue to try a new form of movement instead. Over at Brighton Beach House, there’s Box @ ROX, a boxing class that’ll work you from head to toe, while giving you the chance to take out any lingering office stress on a water-filled aqua bag. For something more Zen, join Little Beach House Malibu for House Bend, a relaxing yoga class suited to yogis of all levels.

To book Box @ Rox, click here; to book House Bend, click here.

4. Try something new
As the old saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’, and across the Houses you’ll find activities certain to shake up your routine and cut through the sludge of January monotony. Reignite your creativity in a painting class with Roos Dessing, part of The Monday Club at Soho House Amsterdam. This therapeutic class will provide space to reflect on your thoughts and feelings as you paint – the perfect antidote to the January blues. At Soho Farmhouse, discover the healing power of sound with a gong bath, which uses waves of sounds to lull your body and mind into a meditative state of relaxation.

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5. Discover some new tunes
Kick off your day with a playlist carefully curated to shake you out of your Monday morning funk, courtesy of our Head of Music, Dom Chung. With highlights from SAULT and The Supremes – plus a whole host of new artists to expand your horizons – the Soho House: Morning playlist brings the sound of Soho House to your headphones. Plug in, press play and turn off the hustle and bustle of your morning commute. 

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6. Pamper yourself
Take this as your sign to book yourself a new year’s getaway; the ideal opportunity to relax and unwind. As part of our new ‘Mind, Body & Soho’ campaign, we’re introducing a new offer on breaks at our Houses with spas and health clubs: enjoy 25% off your room rate at selected Houses with spas when you book for two nights or more, until Friday 31 March. That’s on top of the member rates on spa treatments of up to 25% off that Soho House and Soho Friends members enjoy all year round, too. 

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7. Spend time with friends
Dry January or otherwise, we promise making the time to catch up with friends over a cocktail (or pint of Lucky Saint) will instantly leave you feeling cheerier. Share your New Year’s Eve party anecdotes and start planning that summer holiday. And if you’re lucky enough to still enjoy an Under 27 membership, take 50% off your food and drinks bill in the Houses and our Studios all day on Mondays.

In need of some R&R? Use our Mind, Body & Soho offer to get 25% off your bedroom rate on a Soho House spa break.