Eat, sleep, rave, repeat: where to stay during this year’s biggest festivals

bedroom interior

Book a bedroom at one of these Houses when the party is over, because you’ll need a bit of R&R...

Monday 25 April 2022   By Samuel Muston

Festival season is for adults like Christmas is for kids – full of wonder and delight. But the alcohol, late nights, and sun-scorched skin all eventually add up to one thing: an almost unbearable feeling of roughness. You simply can’t avoid it. Great fun is always followed by greater hangovers. It’s an immutable law of nature. The trick is to recover well: recharge, recalibrate, and drink enough green smoothies until you feel well again. That’s why we’ve created this guide to the best places to stay when the party’s over.

Wilderness – Soho Farmhouse 

Best for: scrubbing off the grub

After the four-day Wilderness festival at Cornbury Park, you might find yourself a little frayed around the edges. Sure, it might be known as one of the more genteel festivals in the UK, but dirt and grime are no respecter of gentility. You will be caked in mud; you will be feeling worse for wear. Retreat then, to the deep comfort of an enormous bed in one of our new Farmhouse Huts. Handily, they offer total privacy to sleep off the ennui – they have their own terrace, an outside wooden bath, and a walk-in shower that’s so big you could clean your car in it. Plus, Blake’s Kitchen is within crawling distance, so you can ensure you have a ready supply of cinnamon buns at all times. Trust us, it helps.

Soho Farmhouse
outdoor pool

Glastonbury – Babington House

Best for: rest

Glastonbury is surely the greatest festival in the world. The acts, the location, the roiling chaos of it all are without peer. Also, what is without peer is the awful way you feel afterwards. The best cure, as ever, is sleep. Lots of it. That’s why the sensible Glasto-goer books Babington House for some post-party R&R. You can sweat out your sins with an infrared sauna blanket at Cowshed, then fill yourself with health-giving salads and soups at the Active Deli Bar. Your body – and mind – will thank you for it.

bedroom interior
bedroom interior
outdoor pool

Primavera – Soho House Barcelona

Best for: recalibrating

When we think of Primavera, we think of one thing: sand. It gets everywhere. No item of clothing is safe from it. That is one of the few downsides of this beachfront festival. Still, there’s no festival like it in Europe. And no hangover like it in Europe when it’s finished. Wash away the blues – and the sand – at Soho House Barcelona. Recentre yourself with a yoga class, get a facial at Cowshed, or just snooze your way back to health by the rooftop pool.

bedroom interior

Austin City Limits – Soho House Austin

Best for: sleep

To say the days following Austin City Limits can be particularly tough is like saying The Doors were a bit wild. The post-party recovery seems to stretch out in front of us like an Arctic tundra – so cold, so unforgiving, so endless. To get through it, you need to fill your time. That’s where Soho House Austin comes in: watch a film in the screening room, dip your toe in the rooftop pool, fill up on jerk chicken in the restaurant, and then collapse in one of our emperor size beds. Soon, you will have happily wiled away a day and be one step further along the road to recovery.

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Bonnaroo – Soho House Nashville

Best for: eating yourself better

There are many things for which the American South is famed, but the greatest of these is surely its food. It is just so comforting, so delightfully excessive – it’s like a hug on a plate and you will definitely need all the hugs you can get after Bonnaroo. We suggest luxuriating by the vast pool at our Nashville House post-party, then stuffing yourself with club steak and fries, and branzino with spinach at Cecconi’s. It’s soul food at its finest.

pool beds
bathroom detail

Lollapalooza – Soho House Chicago

Best for: easing into it

Metallica is headlining Lollapalooza in Grant Park this year, which guarantees one thing: a hangover. Ease your way back into reality with a pitstop at Soho House Chicago. It has everything you need for recovery: a massive rooftop pool with more loungers than you can shake a stick at, a fully stocked bar, back massages at Soho Health Club, and a barber to make you look respectable, even if you don’t feel it. 

Soho House Chicago
food and drink
bedroom interior

We Love Green – Soho House Paris 

Best for: retail therapy

There are many things that recommend Soho House Paris to threadbare festivalgoers: its quiet location in Pigalle, the fact it’s so near the shops of the Marais, its Winter Garden with rows of sunloungers to nod off on. It is its own little Eden, and you might need a Garden of Eden after spending Thursday to Sunday with 40,000 people at We Love Green. We suggest pulling up a chair in the Library and snoozing your way through the afternoon – though if you are very brave (or foolhardy), you can hit the Cabaret Room and keep the party going.

bathroom detail
bedroom interior

Melt – Soho House Berlin

Best for: sweating it out

Melt festival takes place in the Ferropolis in Gräfenhainichen. This is all well and good when it comes to the event itself – it is an iconic venue, after all – but there’s one problem: the one and a half hour journey back to Berlin gives you a lot of time to question your life choices – and alcohol intake – when the fun is over. So, dodge the blues by heading straight to our Berlin outpost and sweat out all those cocktails in the gym and hammam – or just go to the club bar and Picante your way through the pain.

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