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Tune into Soho Rising for the sounds of tomorrow | Soho House

Supported by Bowers & Wilkins, our popular music event champions emerging talent by inviting them to perform at our Houses

Friday 25 March 2022    By Soho House

Dom Chung, Head of Music at Soho House, is the man behind Soho Rising, but says he's a music fan first and foremost. Every year, he handpicks artists minutes away from being megastars, and drops them in, live, at a Soho House near you. That new sound you've been looking for? Chung's your guy who knows what you need before you do. "I’ve been a talent buyer for the best part of 20 years, so I’m naturally plugged into the industry and have lots of intel at my disposal - I make sure I’m constantly following what’s happening out there," says Chung, a DJ in a past life. "I have a natural curiosity for discovering new music and follow my gut". He sifts through 25 to 50 new artist submissions a week, picking out the best for Soho Rising, picking up the phone to agents, and picking the brains of every tastemaker worth talking to. Listen up. 

What is Soho Rising?
‘It’s our franchise for introducing the true stars of tomorrow to our global community, some of the most exciting names around, many of which will go on to be headline acts in their own right within the next year, bringing them to new territories, new ears, new faces and introducing them live to our members across the planet.’

Who will we know from Soho Rising? 
‘Arlo Parks, Griff, Joy Crookes, Holly Humberstone, Lola Young and Serpentwithfeet have all come through our program. Arlo, an artist in the truest sense of the word, is probably the standout name for me. That was the first time we really understood the model was working and it made people take notice of what we were trying to achieve.’

Tune into Soho Rising for the sounds of tomorrow | Soho House
Tune into Soho Rising for the sounds of tomorrow | Soho House
Tune into Soho Rising for the sounds of tomorrow | Soho House

Who should we get to know?
‘Jelani Blackman and Sainte are only going to get bigger, and I love Goya Gumbani, who recently played for us at White City House. He's from New York, but lives in London, an impeccably-dressed emcee who draws his style from his Jamaican-British-Guyanese roots. Visually he’s the whole package, and he sounds incredible.’

If there’s a sound to Soho Rising, what is it?
‘There’s a really good neo-soul scene in the UK right now, and some of the most exciting music is coming out of that. There’s a natural alignment with our houses, with our playlists throughout the day, our membership profile, our settings, our vibe. It feels like a natural fit.’

How did it all begin?
‘Music has always been part of Soho House. If a hot artist was in town, we’d pick up the phone and see if they’d come down for a one-off gig. Then we made a very deliberate move three years ago to prioritise emerging names, bringing it together to build Soho Rising, a series of live shows and tours. So, in 2019, we did our first ever European Tour of Soho Rising with Sam Tompkins, which was a triumph. I know that not every person is as fascinated by music as I am — even I go on Spotify and feel overwhelmed. But at Soho Rising, you’ll be introduced to artists you might not know now, but who are going to be huge. And they’ve been curated just for you.’

How will you grow?
‘Three years ago I was trying to sell Soho Rising to people as something they could do. Now it’s a respected industry franchise, and people are pitching to be on it. It’s all coming together as a genuine place of discovery, and we even have a vinyl album.’

Where will you go?
‘When we go to Soho House Paris we’ll do the 150-capacity cabaret room, when we’re in Istanbul or Tel Aviv, we’ll transform the club space for a one-off show. We’ve committed to over 80 shows this year, in Houses all over the world, and have recently done a deal with renowned British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins to partner with us on this, bringing you nights you’ll never forget from New York to Shoreditch.’

Tune into Soho Rising for the sounds of tomorrow | Soho House

Soho Rising 2022 is supported by renowned British audio brand, Bowers & Wilkins, which has been at the forefront of music creation for over 40 years. Revered by the professionals who know music best, they are uniquely placed to support Soho House in championing the next generation of music talent.

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