Listen up: Soho Rising spring 2022 is (finally) here

Soho Rising Spring 2022 | Soho House

BERWYN, ENNY, Gabriels and more. Live performances with some of the most exciting names in music are back in the UK from March

Wednesday 2 March 2022   By Samuel Fishwick

If music be the food of love, then feast your hungry ears, eyes and souls on Soho Rising. The year is 2022, London: the ‘never-endemic’ is receding, dance floors are buzzing, airwaves are lit, and a new dawn of artists is breaking. Just when you thought you were out, you finally are.  

Supported by Bowers & Wilkins, Soho Rising is our platform that champions and uncovers emerging talent in the music industry by inviting upcoming artists to perform in our Houses. If you’ve been around our blocs before, you might have heard us break the likes of Arlo Parks, Holly Humberstone, Griff and Joy Crookes well ahead of their BRIT and Mercury nominations. 

‘We made a very deliberate move three years ago to prioritise emerging talent, as it positions us as a tastemaker, which aligns perfectly with our members. It also gives us longevity with the artist, so we can be a meaningful part of their journey for years to come,’ says Dom Chung, Soho House’s Head of Music, who has been plugged into every corner of the industry for 20 years. 

‘I’m a music fan first and foremost, and I am driven by the idea of discovery and finding new music across multiple genres. That natural sense of curiosity leads me to find lots of new talent weekly,’ he adds. So, listen up.

Soho Rising Spring 2022 | Soho House
Soho Rising Spring 2022 | Soho House

Goya Gumbani
Friday 4 March, White City House

Close your eyes, think of summer and let Goya Gumbani’s jazz-infused hip-hop sweep you straight there. The extraordinary rapper hails from New York, but lives in Catford, London. All Brooklyn-tinted bars sprinkled over soulful brass and looping piano samples, the impeccably dressed MC draws his style from his Jamaican-British-Guyanese roots. His seven-track EP, Krystin, named after his late sister, reflects on love and loss. It’s a joy: dashes of Dennis Brown, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Dwele are all here. Behind every cloud, there’s still sun, rum, and fun. 

Tuesday 29 March, 180 House

‘It’s a beautiful time for British music,’ says the Mercury-nominated rising rapper who is a handsome poster boy. Trinidad-born, Romford-raised, BERWYN – real name Berwyn Du Bois – taught himself piano, guitar, drums and violin at primary school. Caribbean flair flashes in every percussion hit and delicate key on his acclaimed album, DEMOTAPE/VEGA. It’s loaded with sharp wit and suffering too, mind: on the song ‘Trap Phone’, BERWYN recalls losing friends to knife crime, while ‘Glory’ details his mother facing imprisonment.

Soho Rising Spring 2022 | Soho House