Kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month with NAAFI’s Soho House playlist

Soho Presents: NAAFI kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month | Soho House

The groundbreaking Mexican collective brings a range of influences to this genre-spanning playlist

Thursday 22 September 2022

Formed in 2010, party series, record label and DJ collective NAAFI has made its mark on Mexico City’s thriving music scene. An acronym for No Ambition and F**k All Interest, the collective seems to be anything but that. It started out as a party, serving the underground club scene with a blend of local sounds that cross between hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbi, jungle, and techno. But those labels hardly do NAAFI justice; over the past decade it’s brought energy both with parties its hosted around Latin America and beyond, as well as the emerging talents like Debit, DJ Fucci, and Wasted Fates its introduced to the world. We’re living in a time when people are embracing Spanish language music, and finally giving credit and appreciation to the sounds that were born in the global south; NAAFI has undoubtedly been a part of that conversation, especially when it comes to club music, club culture, and the unabashed creativity coming out of Mexico right now. 

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, NAAFI has put together a playlist of songs that takes listeners across a range of influences. ‘We selected these songs separately from the three of us, and it’s funny that the ones we chose are from three periods of our lives, and they are all very similar,’ the collective described in a message to Soho House. NAAFI’s mix traverses genres and eras, from vintage-tinged rock and variations on pop (where else are you seeing Gloria Estefan and Omar Apollo on the same mix?) to the energetic rhythms of homegrown talents like Lao and Zutzut. 

Listen to the playlist here.

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