Soho House’s alternative Christmas playlist

Soho House's alternative Christmas playlist | Soho House

Need some creatively selected tunes for the big day? We’ve got you covered

Sunday 25 December 2022 By Soho House

If you’ve had enough of festive Mariah Carey tracks, but are still very much in the mood to party, then look no further. Our ‘Alternative Christmas’ playlist curated by Soho House’s Head of Music, Dom Chung, is perfect for creating a celebratory, welcoming and soulful atmosphere, with some guilty pleasures to dance to as well. 

‘This alternative playlist has been designed to soundtrack your day from early drink arrivals, through to lunch and evening entertainment, providing a gentle nostalgic nod for all the family. It includes movie soundtracks, Christmas number ones, and lots of guilty and not so guilty pleasures focused on the theme of love and faith,’ says Chung. 

Listen here, and Merry Christmas!  

Soho House's alternative Christmas playlist | Soho House
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