Inside the ultra-secretive sonic world of Sault

Inside the ultra-secretive sonic world of Sault | Soho House

Each week Soho House’s resident music expert Dom Chung reveals the new bands, tracks and artists you should be listening to right now

Friday 14 October 2022   By Dom Chung

Dom Chung is Soho House’s Head of Music, so it stands to reason that when we thought about starting a new weekly music column, he was the first person who sprung to mind. 

Every Friday, Chung will be here revealing all the bright new artists he’s been booking to perform at the Houses and the best new music he’s been listening to. Consider him your new guide on your journey into melodic enlightenment. 

This week, he’s preoccupied with the work of ultra-secretive band Sault and their mega track, ‘Angel’. 

Who and what are you listening to this week, Dom? 
‘Sault’s “Angel”, a 10-minute, 10-second long single from one of the most exciting and mysterious bands out there, which dropped this week, typically catching fans off guard and supporting signs a new album is coming soon.’

Where did you discover them?
‘Sault came out of nowhere in 2019, dropping two critically acclaimed albums, 5 and 7. And in 2021, they shared Nine, which was available for just 99 days. Not much is known about the group, although it’s rumoured to be helmed by super producer Inflo, best known for his work with Little Simz, Michael Kiwanuka and Cleo So.’

What is it you love about Sault? 
‘I love the fact they have stayed elusive and brought a freshness to their marketing approach within music by ripping up the rule book and creating a platform for themselves, while at the same time keeping people guessing as to who’s involved in the project. The whole concept has been a masterpiece in modern music, and the music is, of course, amazing.’

Where would you position them in the musical canon? How would you describe what they do? 
‘Modern computer soul.’

Which are the best tracks /albums /live performances to listen to? 
5 and 7 were the soundtracks to my lockdown (not sure if that’s a happy or sad thought in hindsight), but give both a listen if you haven’t yet. It’s incredible to have two complete bodies of work released so soon after each other. “Angel” gives us an insight into what might be coming next.’

If you had to pick one of their tracks to listen to on repeat, what would it be? 

You can listen to Sault and more of our favourite new artists on our Soho Rising playlist

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