New Music Friday: R&B girl group Flo is bringing back the 1990s

New Music Friday: R&B girl group Flo is bringing back the 90s vibez | Soho House

Each week, Soho House’s Head of Music, Dom Chung, reveals the new bands, tracks and artists you should be listening to right now. This week, it’s all about going with the Flo

Friday 19 August 2022  By Sagal Mohammed

Dom Chung is Soho House’s Head of Music, so it stands to reason that when we thought about starting a new weekly music column, he was the first person who sprung to mind. 
Every Friday, Chung will be here revealing all the bright new artists he’s been booking to perform at the Houses and the best new music he’s been listening to. Consider him your new guide on your journey into melodic enlightenment. 
First up, the welcome return of 1990s R&B.

New Music Friday: R&B girl group Flo is bringing back the 90s vibez | Soho House

Who and what are you listening to this week? 
‘Flo’s debut EP The Lead. Flo are the UK’s next big R&B girl group, who broke
onto the scene in April with viral smash “Cardboard Box”. Their debut has won them
legions of new fans, including R&B royalty Brandy, girl group dynasty Kelly Rowland (who I’m told joined them in a session in LA last week), production legend Timbaland, as well as the likes of Missy Elliot and SZA.’
How did they come to your attention?
‘They blew up on Twitter earlier in the year after one tweet stating: ‘the UK girl groups are coming hard’, which led to more than 4.5 million views, 140,000 likes, and 20,000 retweets. Flo’s opening statement catapulted the group to the centre of the cultural conversation about the important role girl groups play in our society, which has created a lot of organic noise in the industry.’
What is it you love about Flo? 
‘Their authenticity, ambition and chemistry. After seeing the Sugababes shut down Glastonbury earlier this summer, the time feels right for a fresh take on a 1990s girl group revival.’ 
Where would you position them in the musical canon? 
‘Think Destiny’s Child meets the Sugababes. They’ve been described as the future of R&B.’
Which are the best tracks/ album/ live performance to listen to? 
‘Check out their TikTok, “Cardboard Box” acoustic version and their recent Vevo DSCVR session for “Immature” – guess the sample they harmonise at the beginning (spoiler alert: it’s TLC).’
If you had to pick one of their tracks to listen to on repeat, what would it be? 
‘Feature Me.’

To hear more from Flo, find our Soho Rising playlist on Spotify, updated each Friday for your listening pleasure.

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