New Music Friday: Hot Chip’s new album is coming in scorching

New Music Friday: Hot Chip’s new album is coming in scorching | Soho House

Each week, Soho House’s Head of Music, Dom Chung, reveals the new bands, tracks and artists you should be listening to right now

Friday 26 August 2022   By Sagal Mohammed   Photography by Matilda Hill-Jenkins

Dom Chung is Soho House’s Head of Music, so it stands to reason that when we thought about starting a new weekly music column, he was the first person who sprung to mind. 
Every Friday, Chung will be here revealing all the bright new artists he’s been booking to perform at the Houses and the best new music he’s been listening to. Consider him your new guide on your journey into melodic enlightenment. 

Next up, the return of Hot Chip with a new album, Freakout/Release.

Who and what are you listening to this week? 
‘Hot Chip’s new album, Freakout/Release.’

How did it come to your attention?
‘Hot Chip have long been supporters of Soho House, regularly appearing to DJ at our parties globally (frontman Alexis Taylor recently DJed back to back with me at our Primavera Sound pop-up in Barcelona) and have been making some of the most recognisable synthpop for more than two decades. It was one of the early Bestivals (remember that?) where they first came to my attention.’
New Music Friday: Hot Chip’s new album is coming in scorching | Soho House
What is it you love about them? 
‘For this newest addition, I’m excited by the guest appearance from friend and regular Soho House DJ, Lou Hayter, for one of the standout tracks of the album “Hard To Be Funky”. Alongside the fact that they’re great DJs and a brilliant live band, their music unites generations.’

Where would you position them in the musical canon? How would you describe what they do? 
‘LCD Soundsystem meets Pet Shop Boys with a dash of Debbie Harry (well done, Lou) and a side of Talking Heads.’

Which are the best tracks/ albums/ live performances to listen to? 
‘Check out “Eleanor”, “Broken” and “Hard To Be Funky” from the latest album Freakout/Release. Live, it’s “Over And Over”, which has quietly become a dance-floor anthem.’ 

If you had to pick one of their tracks to listen to on repeat, what would it be? 
‘“Boy From School”.’
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