New Music Friday: We’re obsessed with Wu-Lu’s raw sound

New Music Friday: We’re obsessed with Wu-Lu’s raw sound | Soho House

Each week, Soho House’s resident music expert Dom Chung reveals the new bands, tracks and artists you should be listening to right now

Friday 7 October   By Dom Chung

Dom Chung is Soho House’s Head of Music, so it stands to reason that when we thought about starting a new weekly music column, he was the first person who sprung to mind. 
Each week, every Friday, Chung will be here revealing all the bright new artists he’s been booking to perform at the Houses and the best new music he’s been listening to. Consider him your new guide on your journey into melodic enlightenment. 
This week, Chung’s focus has landed squarely on the fresh, raw sounds of Wu-Lu (and yours should too).
New Music Friday: We’re obsessed with Wu-Lu’s raw sound | Soho House
Who and what are you listening to this week, Dom? 
Loggerhead by Wu-Lu.’
Where did you discover them?
‘Wu-Lu (aka Miles Romans-Hopcraft) burst onto the scene last year with his underground anthem “South”, a protest song about the state of gentrification. But our relationship with him began earlier, after his initial help with setting up the jazz bands at 180 House, where we worked alongside him and wider south London studios to give a platform for young musicians that reflected the local culture.’
What is it you love about it? 
‘It’s fresh, exciting and raw. It would have blown my mind as 16-year-old consumer of new sounds and music.’
Where would you position Wu-Lu in the musical canon? How would you describe what they do? 
‘Wu-Lu is a producer who joins the dots between genres – punk, lo-fi, jazz and hip-hop. It’s hard to pigeonhole the sound.’
Which are the best tracks/ albums / live performance to listen to? 
‘I’ve yet to catch them live (we are hoping to have something Soho House-related announced soon), but Loggerhead has been a great place to absorb the project.’ 
If you had to pick one of his tracks to listen to on repeat, what would it be? 
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