New Music Friday: Nu-jazz superstar Emma-Jean Thackray

New Music Friday: Nu-jazz superstar Emma-Jean Thackray | Soho House

Each week, Soho House’s resident music expert Dom Chung reveals the new bands, tracks and artists you should be listening to right now. This week, we’re feeling British jazz

Friday 23 September 2022   By Dom Chung

Dom Chung is Soho House’s Head of Music, so it stands to reason that when we thought about starting a new weekly music column, he was the first person who sprung to mind. 

Each week, every Friday, Chung will be here revealing all the bright new artists he’s been booking to perform at the Houses and the best new music he’s been listening to. Consider him your new guide on your journey into melodic enlightenment. 

Today, he’s all about the bright new face of British jazz, Emma-Jean Thackray.

New Music Friday: Nu-jazz superstar Emma-Jean Thackray | Soho House

Who and what are you listening to this week, Dom? 
‘Emma-Jean Thackray.’ 

Where did you discover her?
‘The Leeds-hailing multi-instrumentalist and bandleader topped the UK jazz chart with her debut album, Yellow, and since then it’s been a firm favourite of mine.’ 

What is it you love about her?
‘It’s just quality, timeless stuff.’ 

Where would you position her in the musical canon?
‘The past couple of years have seen us gravitate to the south London jazz scene with a number of our in-house bookings, including the likes of Moses Boyd, Steam Down, Oscar Jerome, and Nubya Garcia. It’s part of our musical DNA, and this is very much in that scene and world.’

Which are the best tracks/ albums/ live performances to listen to? 
‘The album, Yellow (Deluxe).’ 

If you had to pick one track to listen to on repeat, what would it be? 
‘“The Rings Of Saturn” is a good place to start.’

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